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  1. Unfortunately conflicts with opening of Ripcord at the NakedStage which starts at 4. Didn't the original article state that her cancelled show last month was to support the gay community. Forgive me if I misread.
  2. Wondering if anybody had had issues with sending packages via ishop&mail to U.S. or Canada. I sent a padded envelope via U.S. mail through them on May 11. It has never arrived. I was told it was held up because it had chocolate and that is not allowed (?!?). Then I was told it would be remailed the following Monday. It is nowhere to be found. Six trips into the store have proven fruitless and there seems to be no way to communicate with Laredo directly. Does anyone have any suggestions or past experience that might shed some light on this issue? I'm afraid to deal with them even thought I
  3. Does anyone know the schedule for the July 6 trip? How much time do we have in each location? Is there a break for lunch on our own? What time are we scheduled to get back and is the drop-off also at the sculpture in La Floresta? Thanks.
  4. Hi. I had an hour session with an immigration consultant yesterday about options for applying for permanente status. I am ready to move forward with the process but had heard nothing but negative things about working with the local Mexican consul in the Seattle area where my legal domicile is established. She said that I can apply at any consul in the U.S. and that some have much better reputations for offering (and honoring) scheduled appointments as well as making the process a fairly quick turnaround. If I understand correctly, the usual process is an initial interview and doc presentation,
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