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  1. Looking for a lung specialist for severe COPD. Any recommendations Lakeside if possible would be much appreciated.
  2. Require information on what is needed to change registration from my name to my husband's name. But like to have any needed information, photocopies, etc. before I go into the office to renew both vehicles. Mucha gracias!
  3. Thanks everyone. Started to make current copies of proof of residence-printer out of ink! I do have copies of all my cards but for some reason I only have the face of the RP card. It was well planned in Walmart. Older scruffy guy backed hard into me, I was startled, he acted mentally challenged, big kerfluffle and in all the confusion, he had my wallet. Took 25 minutes to get help from employees and then only because a very kind Mexican woman intervened and made security listen. Nobody looked at cameras, although the comment was made "if they are working" "or turned on". I insisted that the police come. They seemed very disinterested, wouldn't get out their truck. But I did meet two W. employees who spoke English and spoke in detail to the police. Filled out a form, did not give me a copy or police report number. They would :keep an eye out" for anyone acting suspicious! By the time I got home $300.CDN had been charged to my Visa card at Oxxo and they tried but were denied a $10,700. peso charge by Amex at Soriana. Cancelled my bank cards. Still not sure to to say lost or stolen but the less hassle the better.
  4. Wallet stolen in Walmart today, Wed. Aug.2nd. Several hundred dollars charged to Visa and Amex. Bank cards all reported and frozen. Does anyone know what info one has to supply to Immigration to replace my Residente Permanente card? Hopefully it is not as onerous as the initial application!
  5. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and I will follow up on them. And thanks again Jackie (Jacquie?) for our telephone conversation last night..
  6. I would appreciate hearing from anyone using oxygen in their home and what is involved in acquiring same. If you don't wish to reply via the web board for confidentially reasons, please call me at 387-763-0576. Mucho gracias!
  7. Looking for recommendations for a great doctor specializing in treating patients with chronic lung disease. We live in Jocotepec so Lakeside would be great but will go to Guad if necessary. Please respond as it is a somewhat urgent situation. Many thanks.
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