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  1. I'm looking to bring together a small group of guitar players for informal jam sessions. Easy going, no pressure fun while making music together is the goal. All genres welcome, i.e., folk, blues, country, etc. Jamming together will help each of us with timing, rhythm, interplaying with others - things that you can't get while playing by yourself. Bring your quitar, either acoustic or electric and bring your favorite songs to share. I'm sure you will find that there is something we can all learn from each other while having fun in the process. All skill levels from amateur to pro are welcome. Be advised that this is not about guitar lessons, it's about making music. I will host here in West Ajijic. Dates and times, and other details can be hammered out democratically as a group. So, let's get together, make music and take your playing to a new level.
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