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  1. No longer working on PCs for a variety of reasons. TV, sound card, 3 SCSI controllers /w interior cables, terminators and HDD adapters, even the user manual. 3 modems, various cables, DDR2 laptop memory, Palm charger, Satellite beeper, writing tablet, Firewire card and cable, PCMCIA cards Prefer to give the whole box away at once but If there is something you are looking for feel free to contact me here IF you know what you need. I won't research if what I have will work with your PC BUT most accessories will work with most machines. I also have a small quantity of va
  2. There will be a farmer with FRESH yellow sweet corn on the cob on the mountain / north side of the caraterra at the entrance to the tianguis Mon, NOT Weds, March 29 starting at 9 AM. Fresher, sweeter, less expensive and better quality than what's available in the stores in my experience. I used to live in central Illinois and this is as good. He normally sells at the west tope of El Chante, but if this trip works well for him he will return. This is a paid announcement. I will receive thanks from the farmer if he sells a lot of corn.
  3. Hello all, I have a senior citizen friend (lived here 17 years) looking for a companion, female if possible, to the border through Macallan, Tx and if wanted further on. She is also willing to take mail or small packages up to ship IF they are paid for or you figure the cost and pay her for them. Bring them opened with sealing take to seal in her presence. I will be checking my mail daily and can put you in touch with her at her MX cell or house or US phone #s. If you can contribute something to gas costs and tolls it would be appreciated, but if not that's OK.
  4. Lots of good info here. As one whom has lived in Las Fuentes (couldn't stand the complaining), Joco (Ruidotepec), Puerto Corona, Joco again in 2 barrios, an agave farm above San Luciano just northeast of Las Fuentes, Los Galapagos, Chapala 3 blocks above the bus station, Agua Escondido, Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos and finally just below El Limon. With friends I visit fairly often all around the lake I can say with absolute certainly (jajajaja) the best place to live is somewhere I won't mention since I'm waiting for a home to rent or buy in that area, SAT-Riberas if you don't mind
  5. Does anyone know if SRE Guadalajara is following the posted rules of testing, specifically the section which says that minors and those over 60 do NOT have to take the cultural exam? https://sre.gob.mx/naturalizacion-costos-y-tiempos 3. En el caso del extranjero al que la Secretaría de Gobernación considere refugiado, así como cuando se trate de menores de edad y personas mayores de sesenta años, será suficiente que acrediten saber hablar español, a través del examen de idioma. In the case of the foreigner whom the Ministry of the Interior considers a refugee, as well as when
  6. Love technology

    I have an excess of "gadgets", sometimes 2 or 3 to accomplish the same purpose. The fun is in finding what works best for the lowest overall cost.

    If you're looking for a solution to a problem give me a call.

    59f8ed82e000b_BornGenius.thumb.png.6742299e1e7601f05588baa5a17b4784.pngMaybe I can point you in the right direction. 

  7. Ana is good. I recommend the Telcel store kitty corner from Coppel in Chapala A lot of repairs are done by people in San Juan de Dios just south of Plaza Tapatia in Guad. I've taken several types of electronics there over the past 15 years with good success. Most electronics I do myself including phones. I only repair for myself and very close friends.
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