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  1. Thanks for explaining that for me. I tried again today using the correct numbers but no luck. Tired of futzing with it. Spencer's office let me know that they have been notified that I can go to the INM for fingerprints.
  2. I have been to the website and entered the NUT and what I can determine is the handwritten password. It doesn't recognize what I have entered. Tried several variations of the password but not successful. Then tried the Forgot Password recovery option and it doesn't recognize what I typed in either. At a loss at this point.
  3. I am currently using Verizon for cell phone service with unlimited data. The account is registered to my US home address. I have a current Netflix account also registered to my US home address, had if for many years. I also have Comcast/Xfinity cable TV at the US home as well. If I tether a laptop to the Iphone6 personal hotspot to use Netflix, etc., in Ajijic, will I need a VPN?
  4. Is it feasible to use the Guadalajara office? Speeding up the time for this would be helpful for us.
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