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  1. Regarding "discontinuation effects" of Tramadol, go slowly tapering down. The withdrawal symptoms for that drug are very rough and varied. I struggled with that for a long time until I finally got off. I didn't realize that I was taking the 200's until well on the way into dependency.
  2. As I see it, most of these stolen cars are for the black market used by body shops. The most common and plentiful cars provide a large market for body and other parts. High end European and American cars not so much. Mainly, driving an expensive car presents the driver as a mark for robbery, kidnapping, car jacking and other crimes. It is mystifying to me that some expats can't overcome the need to stand out. I have read that these kind of crimes are more prevalent in Guadalajara. https://www.statista.com/statistics/734679/mexico-most-stolen-vehicle-brands/
  3. Some members may be aware of this but for those who are not, here is the way to delete posts. Sign in, click on your original post. At the top of the page look for the word Moderation Actions. Click on the downward pointing arrow next to the work Moderation Actions, and the drop down menu will display the Delete option. Click on Delete to remove that post from the board.
  4. Is Men's Minoxidil or Rogaine 5% available Lakeside? I brought a supply with me 5 months ago from NOB but running low now. Thanks.
  5. I have Unblockus as a VPN and just checked to see if Amazon Prime Video streaming still works and it does as of a few minutes ago. I get Netflix as well but can't really tell if it the Mexican version or not.
  6. Yeah..sorry for the lack of clarity. Between online tech support conversations with Verizon and Apple it got a little muddy. After the sim card swap and taking the screen off to check the sim tray to see if it was out of alignment from a possibly bent frame, consensus is a hardware problem. Bottom line, upgraded to a new phone from Verizon. Had it shipped to our home in California and will pick it up there on the next trip back. Probably next week or so.
  7. We have been using both Iphones here since early May. Both have the original sim cards that came with them when new. No problems calling local or to California except for mine which failed a few days ago. My wife's works as usual.
  8. Thanks John, I have tried that several times. There is an issue with the Iphone 6 regarding loss of service. I googled it and went through several "fixes" trying to get it working. Looks to be a phone hardware problem. Ebay has many repair "services" for it. I am due for a phone upgrade from Verizon so looking into that and getting here to Lakeside.
  9. Sorry Telmex for the landline. Telcel is the service our cell phone connects to. I swapped Sim cards and the problem remains the same.
  10. Sorry, that reply was confusing. We have two phones on a Verizon account in the states. One is now showing a no service message. We have Telcel landline and internet service in our condo here Lakeside.
  11. Our Telcel carrier is working fine. My wife's Iphone 6 has service and we are on the same account.
  12. Is there any reliable Iphone 6 repair person Lakeside? I have "no service" indication on the screen and can't make or receive phone calls. Text, internet, mail all ok. Did all the steps found on Google without success. Installed a known good SIM card from another Iphone 6 and still no service. The other phone works fine on same account.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Is there a cell phone option in Mexico that offers unlimited hot spot data? If so who and what costs?
  14. Turned out to be a billing error and the power was turned off at our place. Back on now and all is well.
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