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  1. PORK TENDER SANDWICH, Went there today to try out the sandwich. I have to say I will be back. Nice piece of pork that has been tenderized and breaded, then it is deep fried. Served with all of the trimmings and a bunch of good fries. I asked for a side of jalapeno peppers to top it off. . It was a meal and a half. I might order just one and split it next time. Will be going back soon.
  2. Hoal Alejandro, I do not recall the waiter offering us another steak or meal exchange. if it were so I would have opted to change my meal in a second. I will check with the other people involved and see if they were given that option. We have dined there in the past and had a good experience.
  3. Let me start by saying that this review is based on not only my experience, but by the ten other people who attended this disaster of a dinner. A group of eleven people in all who had a prior reservations for dinner on Friday at La mission. . Out of the eleven five of us ordered the rib eye steak. Some ordering it medium rare, others medium-well. First the steaks came out and not two of them looked alike. I looked at the steak that was delivered next to me and it looked nothing like a rib eye. Mine came and it looked like some sort of sirloin. Not sure. Two of the pa
  4. Wife and I went there yesterday and tried out the burgers. Like Mainecoons we thought the buns were a disaster. The meat patties were large and ours were cooked right. The hamburger and fillings were good, but need a better bun. The fries were OK, a little on the limp side. Under the heat lamp too long? The benches in the rear are like sitting on a washboard, diffidently will give you waffle butt. Did find a great beer there one called Pulqueza, a strong blond ale made in Guadalajara. Almost like a Belgium strong ale. Probably go back if nothing else for the beer.
  5. I moved here with most of my kitchen stuff. One item being a meat grinder. I have made my own sausage and ground beef for many years. Costco has some great buys on beef and if you are lucky they might have a brisket. Have ground one part brisket with one part sirloin. Makes some great burgers. You can always add some pork for fat and flavor. Most ground meat will star to oxidize in a short time once expose to the air, changing the color. Here is a link about grinding your own burger. http://amazingribs.com/recipes/hamburgers/grinding_your_own_hamburger.html Happy
  6. Thanks to Chapala Dan for his review. It sounds like his knowledgeable waiter kept from him ordering something he would be un happy with. Wish that happened to me. We will go back and try again. But not right away. Too many other great places to dine. Halfglass
  7. Dan, please let us know what your opinion is. As I said in my post this was one our favorite restaurants also. Very un happy with the new owners. My wife and I would hit there every two weeks or so. You could call us regulars. Halfglass
  8. Went to one our favorite places in Chapala the other night for dinner. The Cozumel restaurant down by the Malacon. Right away I noticed the great guacamole was not offered on the table, but refried beans instead. I ordered the arrachara steak which I have had in the past and have to say one of the best I have had in the area, and my wife ordered the red snapper fillet. Well what I received was not worth eating. The presentation was different and the meat was almost not eatable. My wife got a whole deep fried fish of some kind, also not very good. I asked the waiter, who I di
  9. Wow brisket, I guess I have never seen one at Costco here. Love to do a brisket. Did you have to ask the butcher there or was it out in the case? Also love the ribs at Costco. Maybe we should get together and compare notes. Also a member of Amazing Ribs, great ideas and recipes available. http://amazingribs.com/ Originally from Eastern Washington up in the Cascades. Winthrop
  10. The Weber Smokey Mountain is a fine unit. This UDS (upright drum smoker) is charcoal, it has a large basket in the bottom, with the charcoal laid out in the ring of fire method. The Auber control has a temperature probe inside the cooker, you set the temperature you want and the controller will turn on the fresh air fan until the temperature reaches the set temp. I have had the cooker all the way up to 400 deg. By the way Auber makes a control for the Weber Smokey Mountain also. I have one in my Acorn Komodo cooker also. Best thing since sliced bread.
  11. Thought it would be fun to build a barrel smoker. I had a nice smoker in Washington but no room to bring it down, so after some research this is what I came up with. Made from a 55gal drum it has three racks and three rods to hang sausages, bacon or a ham. It is electronically controlled by a Auber Controls temperature control. It wil hold 200 deg all day. Makes some great pulled pork and very nice ribs. Had to show off.
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