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  1. I am looking for someone to do a repair on a water feature on  my pool. The water feature is a waterfall that needs some TLC and a re-do. 
    I have contacted Home Services but the fellow that they used for that work is no longer available. 
    Any suggestions? 


  2. Looking for some recommendations for an affordable upholstery guy. I have used the fellow by the post office in Ajijic.  And there was one in Ribares  on the caratara but I believe he has moved. I need to have an umbrella canopy redone.  Any suggestions? 

  3. OK, I have to throw this in about jump starting vehicles. 

    First you need a good quality jumper cable set. Most of the sets you purchase are just 10 gauge wire with a heavy outer coating. These cables wont handle much amperage. If you are trying to jump start a vehicle with these you will need to let the vehicle run for awhile to put some sort of charge in the dead battery. The larger the load the more amps it is going to take to turn over the starter.  

    When purchasing a set of jumper cables pull back the insulated rubber grip and look at the wire, if it is the size of a soda straw it is about 10 gauge, ok  for light stuff but on a totally dead battery you will still have to let the running vehicle charge the dead battery some. 


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  4. It happened to me OK, here how it goes.

    The wife and I are in the Liverpool department store at the Gallerias Mall in Puerto Vallarta just looking around when a woman approaches me and tells me I have something all over my back.  I reach around and have catsup on my shirt and the back of my pants.  The gal then points me to the restroom which is down the hall.  I am following a fellow in there.  When I enter he sees me and offers his assistance to help clean my shirt and backside.

    He takes a large bunch of toilet paper and starts cleaning my shorts that have catsup on them. He asks me to remove my belt and he proceeds to get another handful of paper.  At this time I have my shirt off and he is cleaning the back of my shorts.   All this time my wallet is in my front cargo pants pocket.  He finishes and makes a quick exit.  I finish by rinsing the back of my shirt in the sink and leave the restroom.

    My wife and I are trying to figure where I got the catsup from. I thought that I may have picked it up on a seat downstairs where I tried on a pair of shoes.  We went downstairs to check it out to find out it was clean as a whistle.  Now mind you I still have my wallet in my front pocket.  The only thing that I can think of is that the gal from upstairs has some gripe with gringos and goes around squirting catsup on dumb gringos.

    Well the wife and I proceed to do some shopping in the mall. And about 30 minutes later we are going to purchase a pair of shoes. I open my wallet and see that there are two credit cards missing.  At this point I still have not connected the dots. I am thinking that they were removed by the maid in the hotel room.  Just about that time I get an alert on my cell from my bank that some suspicious activity was detected on my credit card and the account was locked.  About 20 minutes I get another notice that there were two purchases that were done with my debit card.  Well we went back to the hotel room and finally connected the dots.  DUHH ! The good Samaritan in the restroom was working with the gal in the mall.

    He was able to pull my wallet and remove two credit cards and return the wallet to my front cargo pants pocket without me knowing it.

    Now I did not just get off the turnip truck. Have been around and seen some pretty neat scams, but this was a good one.

    All in all after spending way too long on the phone with our bank, credit is being issued and new cards are on the way.

    So if you are walking in the mall and someone come up to you to let you know you have something on your back you might want to call security.

    Hope my experience helps someone from getting scammed.    


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