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  1. Also a bad crown/bad impression. She didn't even do the work, I think it was her brother who worked there when she was on maternity leave. I haven't been back.
  2. Need some help. My good friend's wallet was either lost or stolen. Good news: no credit cards. Bad news: Mexican (and Canadian) driver's license and Inapam card. Does she have to go to Guadalajara to replace the driver's license? Can she go to the DIF in Chapala to replace the Inapam? Thanks in advance for any useful info.
  3. The number I have is for Jorge- delivers on Mondays- 5515102855. I just moved and tried to get him for last Monday, no luck. Hope I suggest next Monday I was told he speaks some English, but he only spoke Spanish when I called last week.
  4. I bought 2 Hampton Bay fans at Home Depot. The Home Decor store in Riberas was charging 400-800 pesos more for the same fans. Rubén from the Home Decor shop installed both for 300 pesos each.
  5. How difficult/expensive is it to install a UV filter?
  6. So flu vaccines are available to everyone at Centro Salud, you don't have to have Seguro Popular? Is this true of the other vaccines, e.g. Typhoid, Hep A and B, etc.?
  7. If your CURP number is not printed on your Permanente visa, does that mean you don’t have one and must apply for one at immigration? If not, what are the steps to viewing and printing out your CURP?
  8. Knitting shop on Hidalgo, a few doors down from the plaza
  9. “If you are collecting Social Security retirement benefits before full retirement age, your benefits are reduced by $1 for every $2 you earn over the limit. Once you reach full retirement age, there is no limit on the amount of money you may earn and still receive your full Social Security retirement benefit.” Currently, the full benefit age is 66 years and 2 months for people born in 1955, and it will gradually rise to 67 for those born in 1960 or later. Early retirement benefits will continue to be available at age 62, but they will be reduced more.
  10. Can you give me the website and instructions to get to the change report, please?
  11. My contract runs out in two days and I will be returning to Telcel. AT&T was great for the last year until a month ago. Now dropped calls, no service, more dropped calls. The person in the office just said they were trying to fix it. I felt sorry pretty sorry for her.
  12. Hello Kim, I sent you a message with some observations and another new facility.
  13. I am a relative newbie, going on 2 years here. I am mainly a reader of this forum. I do not write very often. But this discussion has neglected mentioning something that I am aware of every day. I have 4 caregivers who take care of my spouse who is severely handicapped. That is why we are here. We could not afford private care in the US, or even a nursing home, heaven forbid if it came to that. Most of my friends here in Ajijic are those caregivers and their families which we have been adopted into. One of them came in very sad last week. His family has to move, their home (very near 6 corners) has been sold to a “gringo”. Small apartments will be built- but of course not affordable for him and his family. He is having a very difficult time finding a place to live for him and his wife and 2 teenage daughters. He grew up here and most of his family is still here. [A 5-6 unit complex just went up on Hidalgo. Over $500 US for a one bedroom tiny place. For Mexicans? What do you think?] Another caregiver asked me, ‘Is our house next?’ She and her husband and 3 boys live a block from 6 corners. Rent 2000 pesos per month. Not in great shape, but a nice property for someone from NOB looking to make some money. Her comments: “If we could only buy something and pay per month we could do it”, “Why don’t they keep the Mexican areas off-limits for foreigners to buy?” She is educated and she and her husband are so dedicated to their son’s education. Will Ajijic become a town of expats with the Mexicans commuting from somewhere they can afford? Not able to live in the town their families have lived for generations? Most of us rent/buy homes not affordable to the average Mexican here. But what happens when their homes are being taken for our needs? Is there anything that can be done? It breaks my heart. I was on Isla Mujeres last month. The same happened to the people there and they squatted on a piece of land and the government actually deeded 200 families each a piece of land so they would not have to move from their island. Thanks for listening. I needed to get that off my chest.
  14. Class is no longer being held due to lack of participants. If anyone is interested in starting up a group with me here in Ajijic with Patti, please post here or PM me. She is so good and I hate to not have a class with her. She also does personal training, but I prefer a class.
  15. El Torito and they now carry Bragg organic
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