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  1. There is an acupuncturist at Total Body Care. He comes from Guadalajara on Tuesdays. I know very little about him. Only speaks Spanish. Since this is the first time I have ever had acupuncture, I cannot give any feedback good/bad. My neck pain is gone.
  2. Yes. She has done some extensive work for me. She is very thorough and conscientious. I recommend her highly. And it is very personal and easy to get an appointment. My experience with another Notaria was not very personal - over an hour wait, even when I had an appointment.
  3. Well, I was correct for Tlajomulco, I was only sharing my experience. How should I know what is expected in Chapala?
  4. NO IT ISN'T. See the comment I made above. I was there today and experienced this. You do have to have the one you got, but you also must have this. It's a lot faster if you already have it in your hand and don't have to wait for them to print it out for you. I know because I had not printed it out.
  5. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS! You go back to the mivacuna website, put in your curp and click where it says: Confirm CURP and then click on "Expediente de Vacunacion'. Print this out and take it with you. You have to have it, or they will print it out there for you (takes more time and quality was very poor- probably running out of ink). You also have to have the hand written one to show them you had one vaccine. They only asked for my Permanente Visa, no other documents other than those mentioned above.
  6. Went to Cutlajomulco today for 2nd vaccine. Got there at 2:05, left at. 3:00. Very few people. It took longer because of printing out the form (see note below). Note: If you are going tomorrow or later this week, be sure and go to the registration website and print out the 'Expediente de Vacunacion' and take it with you (I hadn't done it) They have computers there to print one out for you (give them your CURP no.), but you get into the slower lane and wait while they do it. I was only asked for the proof of first vaccine (which, by the way, has no mention of the location given, not even t
  7. Isa - she has been coming to my home to give me massages for over a year now. I think she is wonderful. She does relaxing and deep massage- your choice. Also does manicures and pedicures Precious lady, speaks perfect English. Phone and WhatsApp: 332 237 5392
  8. When I got the 1st injection at Tlajomulco, I was told that the 2nd one would be in 21-42 days (i.e. 3-6 weeks). This is the permissible interval according to the CDC.
  9. I think you are correct. Thanks for the clarification. I'll wait for the Tlajomulco directives.
  10. I got mine 3 weeks ago on Thursday, some people on Wednesday. Time flies!
  11. From the FaceBook group, 'Gringos Ajijic &. Lakeside'. I rarely use FaceBook, but recently I have for Covid updates. I happen to check at 11 pm one night and learned about these vaccines. Took off at 7:45 the next morning to Tlajomulco, 1 hr drive, stayed in my car the whole time even for the jab, waited in my car 30 minutes with the occasional visit from a med student to see if I was ok. Out of there in less than an hour. Took me longer to get home because I got lost! Sadly, social media seems to be the only way to be informed, which is tragic for many people who don't use it, or d
  12. Pfizer vaccine was given at the University of Tlajomulco 2 weeks ago for anyone over 60 from anywhere. A number of people from this area, including me, got the first jab there.
  13. I got marrow bones at the Tuesday market from the vendor that sells chicken, eggs, butter etc. at the corner to the left, when you come in the front door. The broth was fantastic. Pretty easy, just put into my crock pot with water for a few hours.
  14. Wow. Those are good prices. I paid 900 at Go Labs in Riberas on Saturday for the Antigen. Results emailed back in 2 1/2 hours. PCR test results usually take longer, don't they? Up to 3 days?
  15. I have often used the SS office at the Consulate in Guadalajara. Very helpful. Always get a phone call back within 24 hours of sending an email to SeƱora Ana Isabel Becerra, fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov like Mostlylost said. I am pretty sure you can get help solving your problem.
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