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  1. I got marrow bones at the Tuesday market from the vendor that sells chicken, eggs, butter etc. at the corner to the left, when you come in the front door. The broth was fantastic. Pretty easy, just put into my crock pot with water for a few hours.
  2. Wow. Those are good prices. I paid 900 at Go Labs in Riberas on Saturday for the Antigen. Results emailed back in 2 1/2 hours. PCR test results usually take longer, don't they? Up to 3 days?
  3. I have often used the SS office at the Consulate in Guadalajara. Very helpful. Always get a phone call back within 24 hours of sending an email to Señora Ana Isabel Becerra, fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov like Mostlylost said. I am pretty sure you can get help solving your problem.
  4. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful
  5. Just went today, a very long wait. Just took my old registration card, paid my money ($674.00) and got a new card, which is to be kept in the car, and a receipt. No more stickers. If stopped, just show the card.
  6. Recommendations on someone to clean ours please.
  7. I traveled round trip to US twice. March-June to the East Coast (felt safer because my sister's home is totally isolated in a forest and I have Medicare coverage). July-Sept to Missoula Montana (for required surgery). I felt very safe in the airports (Charlotte, Mexico City, Denver, Seattle) because of all the precautions. I wore mask, goggles and a face shield for protection. I had no carry on luggage to store in the overhead bins, only under the seat. No reaching over other people. Only on one flight (in March at the start of Covid) of the total of 8 flights was anyone sitting next to me, th
  8. If you are going from temporal to permanente: I went on Thursday, June 4 to the office in Chapala. There was only one other person there. All my papers were in order, she took them and told me I would be contacted in 1-2 weeks (mas o menos) for fingerprints. Usually only one week from fingerprints to new card. But now, who knows. Note: Interesting that I have been on this board since before I moved here 4 years ago and am still considered a 'newbie'.
  9. I went to the immigration office in Chapala on Thursday, June 4th at about 10:30. It was open, only one other person there. Had to wait outside and they let one person (couple) in at a time. I was able to submit my application to go from Temporal to Permanente. No problem.
  10. If you can find alcohol anywhere.
  11. Get your head out of the sand and realize this is not overblown hype. Sitting next to someone at Open Circle who has been exposed to the virus coming from US, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and many other countries is not particularly safe. It can be spread with no symptoms.
  12. This is about more than stocking up on toilet paper. This article is not hype, nor is it "stupid and overblown". Read it if you are interested in a very clear, intelligent, non-hype statistical evaluation of the pandemic and how various countries have responded successfully and what in all probability will happen in the coming weeks. The title of the article is "Coronavirus: Why you must act now"- by Tomas Pueyo https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca In Lakeside, with a large number of ex-pats traveling frequently out of the country, there is
  13. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  14. Thanks everyone! I knew I could count on good advice here.
  15. I said there is a lack of good Mexican food in Ajijic because the majority of the many restaurants here cater to diners from NOB. This is not my favorite food. I love Teocintle before rush hour, after which when one needs a reservation or earplugs. Memo is also one of my favorites. Chile Verde is not open in the evenings last I checked. Bad reviews of El Sombrero. I was specifically asking for recommendations in Chapala. Thank you RVGringo.
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