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  1. Thank you for the replies! For anyone else who comes after me wondering this same question, yes, it is possible, and quite easy, but in my experience ONLY in Chapala. Asking first at Recaudadora offices 000 - 004 in Guadalajara (as numbered here), offices 000, 002, and 004 each asked for proof of my legal residence in the country - visitante would not suffice (and yes, at 000 and 004 they asked by name for my FM2; judging from its use there and elsewhere it's still shorthand for legal residence visa; even the Chapala office has was seems a recently printed page on the wall citing the FM3!)
  2. [I posted this yesterday with imprecise and possibly confusing visa references, thank you mudgirl for the clarification!] Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has any *recent* experience registering a mexican car on an tourist visa? I have read seriously conflicting reports on the matter for Jalisco, including one post on this site, but all from a few years back. I've asked here in Guadalajara at a Recaudadora office, and they told me I could not without an FM2, but then I read posts by people in PV and Chapala who said that they have, so long as they have proof of re
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