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  1. Hello all. Sorry for my slow response back to this thread but work has been keeping me busy. Everyone has provided some very sound advice which has definitely changed my approach to planning for this trip. We were going to use AIRBNB or VRBO (and may still) since we have two small, well-behaved dogs that we don't want to leave here in the states while we travel to Mexico. We would much rather stay in a hotel or B&B while we look for a place to rent but just assumed none would accept pets. The few I tried in Guadalajara did not accept pets. Needless to say I would apprecia
  2. Hello All. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond to my questions. Definitely received some advice I had not considered which will make our trip easier. RickS mentioned that we should just wait until arriving and then rent a place since it will be the off season and there should be plenty of rentals available. We intended to set something up ahead of time through Vacation Rental By Owner but of course it would be better to see a place in person prior to paying. Does anyone else recommend this and if so, could you suggest a few property management comp
  3. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. I do appreciate your taking the time to respond. Yo1 - Thanks for the heads up on proof of the internal/external parasite medication as I was not aware of that requirement. I assume the prescription on the box for the Trifexxis I use will suffice? Who would be requesting this documentation as well as the vet certificate?
  4. Hello, My wife and I live in the US. She is a Mexican citizen and I am a US citizen. We are planning to drive to Mexico for the first time so that she can visit her family in San Augustin and I would like to rent a place in Ajijic for a month. I feel renting in Ajijic would allow me to be able to go do things without having to drive, take the bus, or need to be fluent in Spanish while she is off spending time with her family. I will do things with her family as well, just not every day. Our initial plans were to come in April/May but that changed to June which is why I am looking
  5. My wife and I currently live in North Carolina and and are planning a road trip to Ajijic for the month of June. My wife's family lives San Augustin but we plan to rent a place in Ajijic since there is more to do. We are bringing two small dogs which I walk daily here in NC. After watching a few Youtube videos of folks walking thru the streets of Ajijic, I know there are several dogs that roam free. I also witnessed this on our trip to San Augustin last year when we came by ourselves by commercial air. For those of you that have dogs and like to walk them, how do you handle the lo
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