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  1. My car is from 2006 and has been here in Mexico the whole time. Surely a law written AFTER I already did it cannot apply to me.
  2. No. I live in Saltillo. Have for 11 years. I am a toy collector. I am concerned about moving to Ajijic for this reason. They are my passion and addiction. Yes pulgas means the flea market in spanish. I know the ones in Ajijic have usually nothing from the U.S. Was hoping anyone knew of any good flea markets in Guad?
  3. I am thinking of moving back myself. Spent 11 years in Saltillo. 3 weeks in Ajijic. Long story. What is the best pulgas around? I am talking stuff from the U.S. Specifically toys.
  4. I was 34 when I moved to Ajijic with my mother. She tried really hard to fit in with the expats there. They are VERY cliquish and do not welcome new americans. I felt as if I were in an old folks home being there. I felt so isolated. Walmart was not there as yet...They had nothing there. Nothing. the town was so boring. I moved away and settled in Saltillo. it is a much better fit for me.
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