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  1. Thank You to Everyone who has responded with wonderful suggestions. I am working on arrangements now and hope to be leaving soon. Thank you all again!!! Kat and the Gkitty
  2. EVERYONE, I AM TERRIBLY SORRY FOR BEING UNABLE TO RESPOND. I'm sick, I'm alone and attempting to juggle a thousand things at once. I have no end date, I'm ill and have no idea how long I may be gone. If I need surgery, it could be 8 weeks, I won't know until I can get to a hospital in the states. Whatever works for someone, he can stay with someone or I'm ok with someone coming here, even if it's only to feed him, change his box and pay him some attention for a bit? I can leave him space to come and go at will, but the place would have to be checked for birds and bats. He likes to brings gifts. Please accept my apology. I've not been to this web board and have never made a post. I'm sorry it was inadequate. if anyone is still willing to help...please contact me at Flamekatx@gmail.com
  3. In dire need of a caretaker for my male cat. I have to go to the states and he can't fly because of the heat. If I could afford a pet sitter, but I cant. I'm at a total loss.....I don't want to have to put him down.
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