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  1. Do you have a number for Juan or Carlos? Do they work for a taxi company or are they independent drivers?
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Serenity. Well done and well written. You're a talented writer. It's clear and down to the point. Just reading about it gives me an image that I wouldn't have liked to see. And the dog incident must have been traumatizing. I hope you can forget about it soon.
  3. The Indigenous make huge fire every year to burn their field for the new crop. It always looks worse at night. I'm not sure if they're still allowed to do it. All that smoke cannot be good for us. It makes me sick and gives me a headache.
  4. From RC my speed for both laptop and desk top is: download 8.11 - upload 0.60 I'm still with the old rate of $389 that I subscribed to 10 years ago. My desktop reacts instantly but my laptop is soooo slow. How can this be explained. Even new, with hardly anything on it, my laptop was slow no matter where I am.
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