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  1. I’m back in the states, and planing to return to chapala, Mexico about the 15th. Of March. I can receive items from amazon or so on at my U.S. home on San Francisco . I can also do a small trailer move to Mexico. I do have a $20.00 minimum on small packages. If interested please email me at marquezamo@hotmail.com or leave message at 415 239-5635 for info. or quote on bigger items. Thank you.
  2. i dont have a planned trip, but when do you have planned in march. i can cross into laredo. my email is marquezamo@hotmail.com for a quote.
  3. Planning to return to the states, or move down for the 1st. time. Free quote, no obligation. Email marquezamo@hotmail.com
  4. I am flying back to the u.s on the 5th. of December to San Francisco, California. I can take small items, clothing, gifts. On the 12th. Of December I will be driving back to lake chapala area. I can bring back household goods, electronics, and vitamins. I Can also receive amazon packages at my u.s address. I can be reached at marquezamo@hotmail.com or 376 763-5527. Thank you.
  5. I am flying back from San Francisco, Ca. On the 3rd. Of November. I purchased a additional luggage space, and don’t have quite enough to fill it. I am looking for a few people with items that they need urgently brought back to the lakeside to share cost of extra luggage. I have a u.s address to ship any items from amazon, but must be delivered by the 2nd. I am willing to take back limited amount of vitamins, or supplements. I can be reached at marquezamo@hotmail.com for a free quote.
  6. Give these people a chance to decide when they want to move down. According to the latest news, as of May 1st. Both U.S. and Mexico want everyone to resume work. Your worried about someone moving down. I’m more worried about street markets reopening, now that has a more highly chance of spreading the virus.
  7. When do you plan to move down to lakeside? I have a Astro cargo van with heavy duty racks and a small trailer sitting in San Francisco. If this can work, let me know or if you need more info, you can call me at 376 763-5527.
  8. I am flying up to San Francisco, calif. on the 25 of march to pick up my cargo van with packages that i am bringing back for clients. Since I also have a 4 by 8 , trailer I am also willing to bring it down for someone who needs to bring household items down to ajijic from the states. I can pick up the items anywhere off the main highways from San Francisco to El Paso, tx. I will charge $2000.00 for the trailer fully loaded. This price is firm, especially with all these problems wth the covid19. The price of bringing down a 18by18by27 inch box is 200.00 and the box has to be delivered somewhere
  9. Will be leaving next Tuesday to USA. Will leave through ciudad Juarez and can drop off items any any city from El Paso to S.F. Bay Area. I am also available to bring back large items or household personnel items. Email at marquezamo@hotmail.com or 376 763-5527.
  10. I will be driving back to San Francisco before the 27 th. , and if you plan to move back and you are in that route, please call me for a piggy back reasonable move. Call me for a quote at 376 763-5527 or email marquezamo@hotmail.com. If you need items or households items brought down, I can also give you a quote. Thank you.
  11. That is a full size van, and a mailing address where I receive packages.
  12. My name is Alex, and I also have a service for package and moving to and from the states. I have a full size in Houston, Texas, at the moment. If I can help Alex Peterson get out of this bind, let him know. My email is marquezamo@hotmail.com or phone number is 376 763-5527. I am also available to bring packages down from Houston. Thank you.
  13. Hello kimanjome, just want to help you out with your trip to Mexico. I have driven through just about every border in Mexico. In matter of fact I just came through Santa Teresa in New Mexico. I do moving trips from u.s. to Chapala lake or chofer services. I just drove down from San Francisco,ca.with a load. The best advise I can give you is that all borders are about the same, but before you cross them make sure you have a idea on exactly where you can be issued your permits, and try not to look nervous and look confident. Also , if your crossing in the area of McAllen, I will go to mission, T
  14. I have been moving clients back and forward to the U.S and MEXICO. I have plenty of references. I am willing to drive your friends down from the Texas border in their car. I have a California license, as well as Mexican license and dual citizenship. My question is when and how serious they are. I will even let them negotiate the price. I am driving up on Monday, and can leave my truck there, while I drive them down. I also have a van in Houston, if they want to bring there stuff down and not their car. I know the borders very well through experience, but please no questions on this forum abou
  15. My name is Alex marquez, and I have a big van. I am also on beg, barter and trade. I have references and do this on the regular bases. My email is marquezamo@hotmail.com or phone number is 376 763-5527. Will give you a free quote. Thank you.
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