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  1. Here you go. They do housesitting. That's their business.
  2. Collectibe Series of "60's Romane" (novels) direkt aus Deutschland 500 Pesos. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Avy0xHjZ-zfsgYJ3d0T9qvn3rjm0yw?e=1fqm7k Drop me a note if interested.
  3. I have two more but not black. Your friend can come look without commitment.
  4. Hi there, these were left with two others in a box at my front door. They are dewormed, no more fleas, healthy and happy, 6 weeks old. Let me know if you want to come see them. I am in Jocotepec.
  5. "BENITO" is ready for adoption. He's a very laid back sweet kitty and will make a good buddy - besides being handsome. About 1 1/2 - 2 years old, rescued by a loving neighbor in San Antonio who noticed that he was locked in the house by the people who had moved out. If you would like to take him into your family, please contact Casa Miau Cell: 332 166 5863 or write to: casamiau@outlook.com
  6. Please be specific about the 'inexperienced persons in charge'. It's not fair to generalize, judge, and publish it for so many to read. There are two other lady veterinarians at the Pet Place. They are both competent. Saying something bad about a doctor in Mexico is a serious offense.
  7. I hope so. I still have most of the cats I took in from Anita's in addition to new kittens. The cost and time is all consuming.
  8. KAYA and TARA were rescued in Guadalajara before they could be thrown out of a 3rd Fl. window. They are now healthy, vaccinated, and sterilized. Apx. 4 months old. If you would like to take them into your family, please contact Casa Miau Cell: 332 166 5863 or casamiau@outlook.com
  9. We are happy to report that all cats are now at maximum health, sterilized, and vaccinated. Please help spread the word that we are looking for homes. These are mostly younger cats ages 1-5 and 5 kittens. Here's a link for viewing. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Avy0xHjZ-zfsgYQkqIj8Cql2id6GdQ Contact: casamiau@outlook.com or call: (045) 332 166 5863 Location: Jocotepec
  10. Casa Miau is currently fostering 30 rescued cats. All are in good health, sterilized, vaccinated and most of them socialized. Please help us find permanent homes. Contact: casamiau@outlook.com or call (045) 332 166 5863 Cell
  11. CASA MIAU is looking for a home for "Ceniza" (grey female) and "Noche" (black male). They were found abandoned at 4 weeks of age and are now apx. 10 weeks old and healthy. Will have to be adopted together. They have had a surrogate mom who takes good care of them and teaches them all the things cats need to now. Contact: (045) 332 166 5863 or casamiau@outlook.com
  12. Casa Miau is looking for a home for two abandoned kittens. They are apx. 5 weeks old, one male (black) one female (grey), dewormed and well. Should be adopted together. Will release them at age 10 weeks old. Please call or write: (045) 332 166 5863 Email: casamiau@outlook.com Note: Photo features a kitten (now a cat) rescued in September 2017 who has taken up caring for the kittens.
  13. The cats at "Casa Miau" are ready for adoption. Please help us find home for these very sweet creatures (mostly). We currently have two 4-week old kittens recently found abandoned on the side of the road. Please consider or pass on that we need homes for them and many others. Thanks.
  14. Baba is a special resident at Casa Miau. A loving, gentle, playful, purry male. He interacts well and would be happy in a home where he's the only cat. Neutered, healthy, lovable, fearful of other cats. Please call or write if you'd like to meet him. 045 33 2 166 5863 or casamiau@outlook.com
  15. The cats have done well adjusting to their new temporary home. There are so many lovely animals with us that need a good home. Please keep them in mind when you or someone else is looking to adopt a cat.
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