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  1. That wouldn't help as I can't tip it. I do keep a 1.5 litre in case there is no delivery but now I am out of that too. Well, lets hope for better luck tomorrow.
  2. I have not had a problem until he did not coming the last 2 times and again today. I also give him a tip for 'tipping' the garafon for me as I can't do that and he has always been courteous, nice guy. I'll try again tomorrow. 😏
  3. I am looking for a water delivery person. Called Katya at 9am and at 7 hours later, still no water. I have called and been told they will be there in an hour, a half hour later, or another half hour later......
  4. I have thought he was reliable but twice in a row I'm left waiting for him.
  5. After using Salvatore for water delivery for a few years, he answers his phone if it is working in the morning and then 'forgets' to deliver. Javier was mentioned here but his phone doesn't work in the morning but he will answer after noon, promises to deliver at 4:30 a couple of days and is also a no show. Snagged Bonofont last week when in dire need of water. Charged me 26 pesos for 1 garafon, plus 50 pesos for one of their bottles. Will not use again. Does anyone know of a dependable water delivery person? Much appreciate your sharing.
  6. Saul, the window washer, came out and gave me an estimate and an appointment for 9am Monday. He didn't show up, one phone is not working and I left messages on the other but can't get him to reply. I contacted him because of the good reviews he received on this webboard. Did I miss the negative reviews? Is there another 'good' window washer in Lakeside?
  7. I need the outside entrances and manly the kitchen sprayed for ants, the 1/8th inch and the no see ums you have to blow on to see if they actually move. Can anyone recommend the best person/company to use? Thanks for any help.
  8. Has anyone tried the clip on visors with the dark amber visor that gives you clearer vision from the glare of the sun and enables you to see thru the glare of the oncoming car lights at night? Did it work the way it is advertised and where did you get them down here? Thanks for any help. 😊 😙
  9. Is there some business at lakeside that cleans furniture and carpets? I have used Spring Clean for over 7 years and I get a call at 7:30 the night before saying they were looking at their agenda and would have to re-schedule for later in the day. I had scheduled my day around a morning appointment but it seems that means nothing to them. It was not Letitia(?) that called and the caller did not identify himself. Sooo, time to find another business. 😊 Any suggestions? Appreciate any help.
  10. Has anyone rec'd their INAPM card since Oct/18? Has the new government changed the process and/or rules to obtain one? Thanks for any help.
  11. I need a new prescription. Any recommendations for a local optometrist? Thanks for any help.
  12. You could try the Art House just as you are coming into Chapala, just about opposite the Podologo. If they can't do it, they might recommend someone.
  13. Did you buy dinnerware at Walmart on Wednesday only to get home and it wasn't in your bags? I think I may have it. Tell me what it was and what colour and you can pick it up. Have a better day.
  14. Thanks WideSky. I don't know how long the 'newbie' has been here but sounds like he should be on his way to the perfect place.
  15. Still trying to find a DVD recorder to transfer VHS tape to a DVD. If you have one, I would like to borrow it or if you no longer need it, I will buy it from you. I know they are scarce but I'm hoping someone still has one. 😏😊
  16. Is the new restaurant next to El Torito's open yet? Does anyone know what it is called?
  17. Try the lighting shop in the same plaza as Sunrise restaurant on the carretera.
  18. What is the latest taxi fare from the airport to Chapala? Can anyone tell me the taxi fare from the new bus station in Guadalajara to Chapala? Appreciate any help on either one.Have a great day. 😊
  19. Has anyone received their 'discount' card this year? I have been trying to get my card since March 8/17. I have been down to see Martha with all papers, copies, pictures and passport and have phoned reminding her I am still waiting. She tells me she didn't get enough cards, the fault of those in Guad and she has a lot of people waiting. Despite being reminded, I have been there and she can't find my name on her list and then adds it. This has happened a few times. Those of you who were lucky enough to get your cards in the last 17 months, would you please post the magic formula. I called this morning and she isn't there. Suggestions please. ☚ī¸
  20. Power bar = battery? While waiting for a new battery, remove the old battery and just plug the computer in the wall. I have used mine like this for almost 2 years.
  21. I have had mail delivered to my home(s) for more than 10 years and yes it is a 'bit' 😏 slow. I have also had FedEX, UPS and DHL and they have delivered as said by their senders....2 days or 5 days etc. And as in other countries, you can track your parcels online.
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