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  1. What if the seller is out of the country already?
  2. I bought a new car a few months back and want to sell it. Does the new buyer have to pay sales tax, also?
  3. Just called Ana at telcel in ajijic and she confirmed its 001.. Thank you everyone.
  4. Apprently “+1” means that the phone number belongs to NANP. In other words, the phone number is somewhere in North America. Technically, the + is a short abbreviation that says “dial the International Direct Dialing (IDD) code for your region.” and its a shorter version of 001 if that makes any sense. Called the 800 number for telcel and they said 001 and the live chat on the website person said +1. will try both.
  5. I got telcel on chat and they said +1. I am so confused.
  6. Thank you. a few people have said for telcel its +1 plus area code and the number. cant try both yet becuase the person wont be in the states for a day or so. Have you heard about that?
  7. I have telcel cell here in Mexico, and want to text a cellphone in the United States. Cell phone in the states is from a USA based carrier. Having difficulties. Can someone please tell me how to with all these codes. Thank you
  8. Whatever the politics are I am talking about the economics. I choose to stay away from politics. This will hurt both countries. I am just trying to figure out what will happen to Mexico from an ECONOMIC point of view. I would like to think people on this board are civil enough not to turn this into a political discussion/ rant. From the chart I presented looks like the peso will go up . Thats not good for the Mexican people
  9. Why is it political?. Its economic. I am not coming from that perspective. That how I look at it. No matter what the politics are there will be issues in Mexico. As in will the peso be devalued.. The following graph shows what happened YTD in 2019...... https://www.x-rates.com/average/?from=USD&to=MXN&amount=1&year=2019
  10. Any thoughts on what will it do to the Mexican economy? Also the peso.
  11. Just called capitol one 360 customer service with regard to access over the the net. They said they were transitioning everyone over to verification only though SMS on cell phone and no longer email. They said its a process that they haven't done yet for everyone. I asked if there can be an override for my special issue and she said that they are having quite a few complaints over this new change and there is nothing that can be done except perhaps help you whith a certain situation that you may need. I called 888 644 8314 . They will ask for ss# and the last 4 digits of one of your accounts. In order to get through to a human voice say representative or else you get into a loop and they transfer to another dept and it got dropped 5 times in a row
  12. Thats amazing. I cant. they are also instituting swift ID....https://www.capitalone.com/applications/identity-protection/swiftid/
  13. We have OOma and tried it and wouldn't work. I am trying to get a direct answer from technical support/ We can use capitol one 360 as our main source of getting monies from the United state at our ATM. No issue there.
  14. Get A VPN like Express VPN wher you can choose from many sites and you wont be having differnt IP adresses. You can choose one address based on the state and make it static as in every time you log in it will show the same IP address. I have also begun to have problems with Capitol one. I have capitol one 360 checking Used to send verification codes through my email and talked to customer service and they said they were switching everyone over to text message or voice message a security code. They were true to their word. Even companies like ATT are using double verification to pay one bills . Issue for me was my wife was out of country with the cell phone with the number on fille and many sites that use double verification would only send and SMS to that phone number
  15. I have heard from friends in Puerto Vallarta that they really have had not one issue with their claims. My wife has it.
  16. We purchased a Berkey water filter for our drinking water and shower heads. Best one can buy. The locally sold home water filters do not take out fluoride nor arsenic nor pesticides and volatile organic chemicals and other compounds. I asked a company that installs whole house filters for the last water test they did on their system. All I got back was a test for certain bacteria and thats it. I asked about all the other tests they should do. They said too expensive and I can get the unit installed and do them myself and do I think Ciello and Bonafanti test their water. After hearing that wonderful sales pitch I went right to Amazon and ordered a big Berkey. Takes care of all of our drinking needs and the shower filters for the rest of our needs . Cant beat it. https://www.berkeywater.com/
  17. Look into Vumi expat insurance. The insurance office across from quality care sells it. pretty darn good and everything is explained on the website. Look at the bronze policy and what it offers.
  18. so when I see a souped up camaro or mustang etc on 54d autopista doing 200km+ an hour in could be a federal cop?
  19. What kind of Guns can you have in your home according to the new law? https://themazatlanpost.com/2019/03/28/mexico-what-kind-of-guns-can-you-have-in-your-home-according-to-the-new-law/
  20. Which funeral homes are geared to the expat community and approx what would a prepaid plan cost? Can one negotiate?
  21. Border walls are big business–and not just in Trump’s America The companies that specialize in dividing the world are thriving. https://www.fastcompany.com/90293157/border-walls-are-big-business-and-not-just-in-trumps-america
  22. We live in San Antonio T in a fracc and we have had water issues for the last 2 weeks and its getting worse. Our fracc has had to bring in water quite a few times. Water is being shut off at night to conserve. We get our water from the San Antonio T well and have been told that it is very low. Its getting to be a real pain. And when the water comes out it is murky. Just received our Berkey water filter from the states. News from HOA is not very optimistic. Perhaps when the snowbirds leave it will get better.
  23. Just got an email from the Chapala Reporter ... 82.8 million pesos for carretera reconstruction project. I am not a subscriber. The developers should love this . Is this planned because of all the future development? Food for thought... 4 story parking lot planned in Chapala and now this?
  24. correct. I am on jersey 2 and it wont work. Because of all my banking I have stayed on Jersey 2 because of static IP address. I fear the moving to 3 to watch Prime and then moving back would change my IP address of jersey 2 and the banks would shut me down in a NY minute
  25. Tlaquepaque. Indepencia has a few galleries. And this is worth looking into.. You can rent for private tour of artist galleries . We spent a few hours photographing some of the local graffiti https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/263150?user_id=32319148&ref_device_id=24bdd17d4f9eb72fed344eed0794cb29b25dfdeb&s=41&fbclid=IwAR0fAQUwhl0350uMDNGEVIsjKPfc27deUDjQpgn05tFWqnm0o6Bp-Y0LE5s&_branch_match_id=618947970456324527
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