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  1. Bisbee gal. Thank you. I knew something was wrong. I called my friend to get in touch with his doctor .
  2. Friend in PV went to many pharmacies and could not find coumadin. asked me to look for him.. I called Christinas and they dont have any. Its odd that pharmacies are out. any advice or leads would be greatly appreciated
  3. Mazamitla?? They didn't turn me nor my friends around who have been there over the last few weeks. One time the filter wasn't even there.
  4. There is a right way to fix a pothole and the wrong way. Unfortunately the right way is not done so the potholes come back and back. Must be a make work program.
  5. gee. ask the people in Arizona and Texas and especially Florida where the curve is going up up up.
  6. Anyplace Lakeside that sells leather boots that aren't cowboy boots.
  7. why do so many care about not being tracked. As a matter of fact living here and driving in many places one can get hurt or drive off the road or not arrive at home for a lengthy time and you want the authorities to find you
  8. https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm
  9. Does turning off the GPS function of your smartphone prevents any tracking of your phone's location? It doesn't. You would have to put your phone into airplane mode to prevent it from reporting its location.
  10. Many areas where prices are moving up. Look where the rich tapatios go for the weekend (not Lakeside) and homes are priced in pesos. Deals to be had. Realtors rarely used. You have to hit the streets . I have found some great properties. I never talk to the owners myself but use a Mexican to negotiate on my behalf.
  11. Does anyone have the new phone number of Luis?
  12. Same here . I talked to them a few weeks ago and they said they are getting far less boxes of letters and parcels through than before the virus.
  13. Not about Mexico, deleted and closed.
  14. Was there yesterday and there was a 3 peso spread (dollar/peso) I walked into a rep's office and said this is ridiculous and he also said they had too many dollars but if I was depositing a check it would be a 1 peso spread . I got the confirmation today and It was about .77
  15. A polieman's whistle blown very strongly into the phone will insure the person will never make another phone call again.
  16. the next budget should be a doozy since this country is broke and while he still wants to build the train to nowhere the cuts in the budget will be IMO brutal especially in the healthcare system and whatever social services there are left. Same as it ever was. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-17/mexico-downgraded-to-baa1-by-moody-s-on-weak-growth-outlook https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-ratings-moody-s/pemex-debt-slashed-to-junk-as-moodys-downgrades-battered-mexico-oil-company-idUSKBN21Z3EB
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/11/mexico-lopez-obrador-armed-forces-decree
  18. FDA allows up to 20 percent wiggle room or variation of the active ingredient and buffering agents or filler are not regulated at all and that can be an issue also as far as interaction with the active ingredient... If I can get it I stick to the brand.
  19. I did some searches Zena and you are correct. This bugger is a doozy...
  20. In order to curb the contagion of COVID -19 in Jalisco it was made compulsory isolation and the use of masks . Federal provisions such as closing non-essential businesses were also followed. However, the reopening of these will not be from one day to the next but gradual. According to the estimates of the Metropolitan Representation and Reaction Model (Replication) of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), if current conditions are maintained in the control of the pandemic, reopening all economic sectors could take at least five months in the state. https://www.informador.mx/economia/Preve-UdeG-apertura-economica-total-en-5-meses-20200511-0012.html
  21. Jalisco manufacturing industries will be the first to return, anticipates governor No later than Thursday they will present the details of the state plan to reactivate the economic sectors; anticipated that the activities will return adapting to protocols and prevention measures. The companies in the secondary sector (manufacturing) and the agro-industries, which stopped their production due to the health contingency, will be among the first to re-operate in the State; the governor advanced. He reported that no later than Thursday he will present the details of the state plan to reactivate the economic sectors and anticipated that the activities will return to adapt to protocols and prevention measures. The head of the state executive branch explained that the plan includes a calendar with different phases that will define how and when the various sectors of the state economy will operate again. UdeG foresees total economic opening in 5 months “We are not discovering the black thread either, it has been said that due to the greater margin of supervision of its operation, it must start with industry, the secondary sector, and the primary sector as well, agribusiness and the countryside; They are going to have important advances. What is going to take the longest is the issue of tourism, paradoxically one of the sectors in which we are going to have the most economic damage is the one that will take the longest to reactivate, ”he explained.The state president explained that as part of that plan it is contemplated to apply special measures for mothers and fathers, with children of school age , because the minors will remain at home with the determination to close the school year at a distance. He added that they also review the issue of nurseries and how they will operate again. Jalisco businesses report drop in sales https://www.informador.mx/economia/Industrias-manufactureras-de-Jalisco-seran-las-primeras-en-volver-anticipa-gobernador-20200511-0083.html
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