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  1. Is it open fully. I will need a document notarized for the states.
  2. I went once. Her person who cleaned my teeth if you can call it that was more interested in watching the TV hanging from the ceiling. I went home and cleaned and brushed them. what a waste.
  3. Is there a store Lakeside that sells Real leather boots?
  4. How far in advance do I need to be at GDL I have residente permanente. DO I need a passport Do I need anything for return flight to get through the GDL airport?
  5. I pay cash except for a major appliance or TV. at Best Buy. I hear they are leaving Mexico.
  6. I have a decent one and he has given me access to the PV MlS that the realtors use. Lots of investors are buying many units at a time so inventory is low. This agent has contacts with builders and contractors. I am going to PV in a week or so to see condos that haven't hit the MLS yet.
  7. it has really turned into an Airbnb building. I am looking around the corner on Allende. May have something there. How did you like the neighborhood?
  8. But ther is a shortage of condos in the range I want. Most are preconstruction which I will never do or on the first floor
  9. I know and there are people here who want to sell their condos in PV.. Inventory is not that much in my orice range. One has to be down their to jump on one. I have access to the MLS and so much is preconstruction..
  10. Sytems and Processes !!!!!! Run it like a company and they all would be gone. Just my opinion based on what I observed.
  11. For the life ofme I dial 883 for an 866 number. I am using acellphone here. Its important to get to that number. Any help. I keep getting a taped response in Sapnish and know its not toll free. Thank you
  12. I will be driving can you recommemend hotel motels along the way that are safe. Thank you kindly.
  13. 500 pesos per month for wireless internet with unlimited data? I believe its called internet su casa. I cannot get that package. I dont see it offered, only by the gigabyte. If possible can you send me the info. ...Fair usage policy (or FUP) is a service provider's way of ensuring everyone has equal access to high-speed internet. ... To ensure everyone is receiving the same speed and no one household is causing the service to bottleneck and slowing it down for others, fair usage policy comes into play. https://nube.telcel.com//personas/telefonia/planes-de-renta/tarifas-y-opciones/internet-en-tu-casa
  14. I know. Here is the list of states and requirements. https://www.votefromabroad.org/states
  15. They are doing it in so many places. My Mexican friend said that guardia national now run the show and federales dont and there are many white cars from guardia national out there and he has never seen so many cars being pulled over on the side of the road in the Colima area . I guess they need money.
  16. Here is a very simple way to vote from your smartphone. I did it and my request to vote by "absentee" ballot was sent to my state and the process started with confirmation and they will get in touch by email. You really need a smartphone because you will need to capture your signature with the camera and it inserts your signature in the appropriate place. Very intuitive. Please spread the word to others who are having trouble. .........https://www.votefromabroad.org/
  17. I have lived on a few islands in the Caribbean. Very well off islands and their internet and electricity, phone service make Mexico look incredible.
  18. Thats nine days of craziness... and these people are from all over the country and further. My lord, all sanity has left the states
  19. My driver is not available.. Am having a medical procedure in GDL . Need an English/Spanish speaking driver who will need to spend approx 8 hours during the day with me at the hospital... Thank you.
  20. THis man is incredible and trustowrthy and many many people lakeside will say the same. He has helped me tremendously and moves people to the states and back. He lived in the states as a child. speaks perfect English and is totally devoted to providing great customer service. His name is Juan Pablo jChavez and he is also known as JP. He lives in ajijic. He is also the owner of magnificent tours and you can read all about him on facebook....+52 33 1159 3486. ......www.magnificenttours.com.mx
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