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  1. Thank you to all who answered
  2. My driver is not available.. Am having a medical procedure in GDL . Need an English/Spanish speaking driver who will need to spend approx 8 hours during the day with me at the hospital... Thank you.
  3. THis man is incredible and trustowrthy and many many people lakeside will say the same. He has helped me tremendously and moves people to the states and back. He lived in the states as a child. speaks perfect English and is totally devoted to providing great customer service. His name is Juan Pablo jChavez and he is also known as JP. He lives in ajijic. He is also the owner of magnificent tours and you can read all about him on facebook....+52 33 1159 3486. ......www.magnificenttours.com.mx
  4. Bisbee gal. Thank you. I knew something was wrong. I called my friend to get in touch with his doctor .
  5. Friend in PV went to many pharmacies and could not find coumadin. asked me to look for him.. I called Christinas and they dont have any. Its odd that pharmacies are out. any advice or leads would be greatly appreciated
  6. Mazamitla?? They didn't turn me nor my friends around who have been there over the last few weeks. One time the filter wasn't even there.
  7. There is a right way to fix a pothole and the wrong way. Unfortunately the right way is not done so the potholes come back and back. Must be a make work program.
  8. gee. ask the people in Arizona and Texas and especially Florida where the curve is going up up up.
  9. I guess the sarcasm went over your head.
  10. Anyplace Lakeside that sells leather boots that aren't cowboy boots.
  11. why do so many care about not being tracked. As a matter of fact living here and driving in many places one can get hurt or drive off the road or not arrive at home for a lengthy time and you want the authorities to find you
  12. https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm
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