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  1. michael2595

    Car wash?

    It is for sale..... https://ajijictoday.com.mx/property/cs25ot3193-ola-la-car-wash/
  2. michael2595

    Capital One

    Yesterday I logged in and the verification is by text only on our accounts. Called them and they said they are switching everyone. I wonder what caused that to happen. ALL my other banks give me a choice.
  3. michael2595

    Capital One

    Express VPN has the option of having a static IP address.
  4. That ATM runs out of money by Friday and doesn't get a delivery according to the guard until Tuesday. Also, if you have poor eyesight it's almost impossible to read because the sun is shining in, number 1 and the screen is too damn dark. Also take your money out of the slot ASAP because if it stays in there too long while you are reading the receipt it can suck the money back. That happened to a friend.
  5. michael2595

    Where to get probiotic products lakeside

  6. michael2595

    Where to get probiotic products lakeside

    You know that one of the best foods containing probiotic is raw sauerkraut. At the Tuesday market there is a man who makes the best raw sauerkraut I have ever tasted . Ferments for 22 days and he uses Himalayan Sea salt. There is another sauerkraut maker there who sells theirs in plastic containers. That's not the same person. This person puts it in glass jars. When you walk in this man is to the left. Yogurt is pasteurized and homogenized and the probiotics are basically dead. Easy to make kefir if you can have someone get you from the states kefir grains. We make kefir coconut water because we don't eat dairy. You can buy the grains at amazon mexico.If done right the grains multiply and will last you for years. https://www.amazon.com.mx/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_12?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kefir+grains&sprefix=kefir+grains%2Caps%2C245&crid=2I59W5SABYFD9
  7. michael2595

    Capital One

    I have no issues whatsoever with getting email verification from capital one. What I do know if you set it up notifications from the beginning it can get real weird. we have 2 accounts with email verification. One has a choice of 2. The other has a choice of one and they were setup at the same time. I use a VPN with a static IP address which is real helpful. I also noticed that for me at least the capitol one website works far better than with Firefox than with chrome.
  8. michael2595

    Netflix: US vs. Mexican

  9. michael2595

    Mayan Train

    How will this be paid for? I was told Amlo was closing down the tourism board and all those monies for cities and states to attract tourism will be funneled to the Mayan train. If that is true it would be akin to shooting oneself in the face since Mexioc is highly dependent on tourist dollars and many communities need the tourism dollars now provided by the gvt to attract tourists.
  10. michael2595

    Dharma Restaurant

    We also went there when it first opened and the food was quite good but minimal in quantity. They were still revising their menu. The space is beautiful but it felt like we were eating in too big a space . My wife called it 1/2 a basketball court. The owner and waiter were very cordial and they knew their stuff. My concern is that it may not survive unless they add more items more conducive to what expats want. . Apparently they and the other businesses that are in that massive space from what I can gather are partners in it. We may try it again.
  11. michael2595

    Help: Anxiety

    Probably the most evil drug known to man. for many harder to get off of klonopin or xanax than heroin. Google benzo withdrawal syndrome. .You can read some of the horror stories about getting off benzos here....http://benzobuddies.org/
  12. michael2595

    Do you know where to print a business card

    We found stryker top be the top knotch on the carretera. Across from cadillac furniture.
  13. michael2595


    do you have contact info?
  14. michael2595

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    It may not be full service but the 2nd day we arrived here we went there to eat and just happened to step in dog excrement which was under our table. Haven't been back to that food court .