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  1. We have just purchased a home and moved to Chapala Haciendas a few months ago. My husband is a quadriplegic and we are looking for a home healthcare assistant to help with his care several times a week. From friends, we have learned that training is available so there are qualified caregivers seeking employment. Our problem is how to connect, as we have had little response from the referrals we have been given. I appreciate completely that this is a very sought-after skill and that our location outside Ajijic and Chapala Central make it a travel issue. We are certainly open to fair compensatio
  2. As an update, I voiced the concerns expressed here to my husband and suggested that with all that we are selling that we could afford to buy an all-terrain electric wheelchair that could handle the cobblestones and pavement irregularities of Lake Chapala. His response was that it was a low priority for him. So I think if I can find a nice house with a nice garden (or we make the garden), he will be happy. He understands that I will be going out and experiencing things without him and does not seem to mine (as he has never minded). I guess he can be considered an extreme introvert. Me, no, I ne
  3. Let me try to explain our situation a bit further. We are definitely planning a two week visit to see if the area is a fit for us. If we come down to stay we will either bring our existing wheelchair van or buy one registered in Mexico. I am just beginning to learn the nuances of both options but I have talked to a manager at an adapted van agency in McAllen Texas who seems to understand the pros and cons of each. I'm sure I have much more learning to do. We have complicated reasons for wanting to relocate in Lake Chapala, although I'm sure most expats have complicated reasons. I don't be
  4. Thanks WideSky! I did find those references and they seems to be the only clues online. We did not get too far as we do not speak Spanish. It may be possible for me to find someone who does who I can persuade to make some calls for us. We have tried all the limousine services and hospital transport services that we can find reference to. It seems that if they had a wheelchair van in the past, it's no longer in service. We did get referred to one individual in Puerto Vallarta who still seems to have one, and I guess our option would be to fly into there versus Guadalajara. We're hoping for a l
  5. I'm trying to find wheelchair accessible van transport from Guadalajara airport to Chapala. We are hoping to relocate but we need to get down to be sure and to find a permanent home. Unfortunately, the few references online to a wheelchair van taxi from Guadalajara to Lake Chapala appear to be obsolete. My husband is a quadriplegic in an electric wheelchair (HEAVY) and really needs a van with a ramp or a lift. I've asked the real estate agent and B&B we are working with but no one seems to have any recommendations. Does anyone have any clues if such as service exists? Best, Shelly
  6. Thank you all for your insights! I have some leads on a few wheelchair accessible B&Bs and a wheelchair van transport service out of Guadalajara. All the suggestions for restaurants will certainly give us many options. I agree, JayBearII, that given a cozy house with a good view and some gardens, my husband could find little reason to go out. That's the way we live now, but without the view. But it's nice to know there are so many options, with a little planning. Maybe I should start another thread for this question, but could anyone suggest an expatriate assistance service or re
  7. Thank you all for your responses! Frankly I am a little teary-eyed at the warmth and generosity in your responses. Now I really want to make this move work.
  8. Thanks Al, That is exactly the kind of information I'm looking for. It's a lot to consider. My husband was always hard to get out of the house even before his accident and I have always done most of the running around and socializing. He was an artist and was always engrossed in his latest project (still is). It's a complicated set of circumstances with no easy answers. But one of the reasons we would be moving abroad would be to afford some daily or weekly household help of some kind.
  9. Thank you, WideSky! Your descriptions help quite a bit. I didn't expect so much to be new construction or newly renovated. We have a simple lifestyle here and my husband rarely ventures out. We rarely eat out, too, but it would be nice to find one or two restaurants he could manage. I'll try to find out about find transport when we visit, but we were hoping to bring down our old wheelchair van if and when we do move down. Thanks again for your response
  10. The folks at the Lake Chapala Society suggested I post my question to those of you on this forum. I would be grateful for any comments or opinions you can provide. Like so many others, we are considering retirement in Mexico. Lake Chapala seems a likely place and I am doing my best to research as much as I can. Our somewhat unique situation is that my husband is a quadriplegic using an electric wheelchair and I'm finding it difficult to locate information on how limiting the area would be for him. Certainly we will come down for a while to see first hand but being that air travel is not eas
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