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  1. I have been trying to find a mechanic who is familiar with electric golf carts. One individual located on the Carretera near Walmart keeps putting me off because his man in Guadalajara is "Very Busy" and doesn't make it to Lakeside often enough, and, when he does... it is after dark on a weekend. Tough to work on something with no light available. My Club Car golfcart is about 20 years old. Have already changed the batteries.
  2. Where can I find various granular water-soluble fertilizers that are similar to Miracle-Gro...?
  3. I am looking for BLACK galvanized pipe to use for an industrial looking shelving unit. In the States this pipe is most often used to supply gas to a stove or water heater. Been to the Home Depot in Guad....nothing. All I get is that blank look from the employees.
  4. Anyone know of a place in Lakeside where I can rent a concrete pump to move the material onto a back lot so that a floor can be poured ? There is only street access for the concrete truck . The closet one can get to the building site is about 125 feet away.
  5. Hola Claudia - We are looking for a pet sitter for three nights beginning early morning 16 December until the afternoon of 19 December. We live in a nice house in Ajijic, two blocks from seis esqinas. Our family includes four cats and two small dogs. Please respond as soon as possible so that we can meet and you can meet los mascotas. Gracias, Shoshanah & Michael Naiman
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