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  1. I had a local lawyer handle all my immigration paperwork and regarding our TIP was told that they would also update the INM. Therefore we would not have to go there to do this. I have also been told that there is an online publicly accessible database that allows you to check that status of your TIP. Can anyone help me verify and find this? Thank you
  2. Last week I saw Telmex guys working on the Telmex-labeled box just outside Cafe Libertad, across from Sunrise Restaurant. I asked what they were doing and they said it was fibra. I asked when they would be done and they said one month. Will Telmex actually beat Ilox in Chula Vista?
  3. Nothernewbie, I am wondering if you have been installed yet? It's been nearly six weeks since your post and would love to know. And, if you have been installed, can you report your level of satisfaction with the service, putting aside any residual resentment over the installation angst. Thanx in advance for your time and effort.
  4. I like Tom Kessler, and am grateful for his efforts as part of the group responsible for enticing Ilox into the Lakeside area. I can only imagine the number of hours accrued by Tom (with no compensation) answering questions, fending off aggressive nay-sayers who know nothing of the process particulars, explaining details to many people who seem unable to lift a finger or press a single key to research and learn anything. For that I laud Tom. But when I hear "No one was expecting 60% of Lakeside to leave town" I have to marvel, because this is a known fact - happens every year, like bird migrations. To the contrary, it seems quite predictable. This sadly reminds me of the GW Bush crowd after 9/11 saying things like "no one could have predicted anyone would fly planes into buildings", especially when the government was staging exercises to encompass that very act, that very day. All that aside, I fault Ilox only for the almost total lack of communications with their customer base. They issue a sketchy email or two and promise more info, but it never materializes. We hear nothing from them, leaving people like Tom to do all the 'splainin for them. Perhaps they have very little end-user interaction experience as an excuse for this, but come on.... how smart do you have to be to realize people want to be informed of what affects them and their hopes of getting real internet service. C'mon Ilox, talk to us.
  5. Hello Everyone, From what I can gather reading this thread and elsewhere, it seems that as far as anyone can tell at this point, if you are signed up for Seguro Popular already, whether as a TR or PR you will likely have healthcare services accessible under their auspices until the new system is in place and the rules re-written and published. Does this sound about right? And also, if you have signed up for SP and not yet used it does that affect the availability to you? Thanx in advance
  6. Hats Off to you Tom for taking this on and pushing through the ignorance, cynicism, and skepticism. We've all been burned before but this has such tremendous upside potential that I for one am willing to put my money on the table when the time comes. I want this service to actualize and am looking forward to it. By the way Tom Kessler, since the ad went in the Reporter I expect we may be pushed over the (300) goal soon if not already. Keep us informed, please Thanx
  7. The above quote is the most interesting facet (to me at least) of kimanjome's question. Is anyone able to shed any light on using this method of bringing one's personal items to one's new home in Mexico?
  8. Hi 5Jacks, My wife has a bad case of in-grown toenail and we want her to get the best care. The number you had left for Giovanni (331) 168-0268 is no longer valid. Can you (or anyone else) provide any current contact info for Giovanni? Thanks in advance
  9. Interesting... We come from Stratford Ontario and there is municipal WiFi that was installed by the local electricity supplier to facilitate the Smart Meters that were being installed. You can also become a subscriber as they provide barebones ISP functions (no email) and the expected bandwidth is around 8Mbps. I balked at that a few years ago, thinking it just would not do and paid through the nose for Rogers Broadband via cable. Wish I could get that here now.
  10. I do love and appreciate the responses given here, truly I do, but I guess I'm a bit discouraged to not hear any alternatives. Is Telecable a possible alternative? If I am living in a home where TelMex provides ISP service, can I get it swapped out to Telecable for six months? Or is that too much hassle? We will be living in a different home come May but the service there is two blocks above Perry's Pizza in Las Salvias and the speed there is no better, in fact, it's exactly the same as we have now 1.7 and virtually never faster. Will they guarantee the bandwidth when/if I order? Sorry to be so dogged about this, but it is important to us and does affect one's life in today's world. Probably more than we'd like but..... Thank you all
  11. We have been in West Ajijic (near Linda Vista and Ocampo) since October and our speed is terrible. We typically get 1.7 Mbps download. We're able to use Netflix and Amazon streaming in HD (usually) but sometimes we get buffering delays and have trouble when fast forwarding or reversing. On other streaming media, it can get much worse, but I have a feeling this has to do with other sites streaming algorithms being less efficient. Usually these difference would be imperceptible but when you're this close to the edge.... I have included a speedtest table of results that shows our speeds going all the way to Ontario in June 2016, just to be objective. Is there any solution at any price that will give one reasonable speed? I think a wifi hotspot setup with TelCel might be feasible (I have a friend who uses an Iusacell for working in the U.S. from here and likes it) but the data caps would not be easy to swallow. I see many people claiming to get much better speeds up to 8Mbps or more and I would love to just get up to half that if I could. Is it all totally dependent on the area? I know DSL has it's limits regarding distance from the local office, but I don't even know where that office is? Has anyone looked at the correlation of distance to CO vs. speed to verify that is the issue? Or is bad wiring a big factor? We're making the move to live here permanently and really want to be able to use the Internet without such pain. I typically move large files upstream as well as use Carbonite backup and it gets desperate and dire with this kind of bandwidth. Any solution in sight at all? Any comments welcome.
  12. I just tested mine using speedtest.net and it's pitiful. Infinitum router with Telmex $428 package. How can I improve this?
  13. Does anyone know about Jun? It is somewhat of a variation on kombucha and kefir that does not use sugar, only honey. I had been brewing this in Canada but forgot my little scoby to continue here in Ajijic. Any leads on who might be able to help with acquiring a Jun scoby would be appreciated . Here's the recipe I was using.... Brewing Jun Jun tea is still relatively rare and unknown. Jun mother cultures also do not reliably produce daughter cultures like Kombucha does. You can purchase authentic Jun cultures online (mine is from Kombucha Kamp and you can find them here), or if you’re lucky enough to know someone who brews Jun, he or she may gift a daughter culture to you. Jun Tea Jun tea, like kombucha, is an effervescent probiotic drink. Jun is mild and delicate with a pleasantly tart flavor and a mild sweetness. It's lovely served over ice, or with crushed berries stirred in. To brew future batches of Jun tea, reserve ½ cup of the finished tea from your first batch and reserve the mother to start future batches of the tea. Serves: ½ gallon Ingredients 8 cups filtered water 2 teaspoons looseleaf green tea (I buy my tea here and here) scant ½ cup honey, preferably raw (available here) 1 Jun culture (purchase it here) ½ cup Jun tea from a previous batch (It is also available when you purchase your first Jun culture, available here) Instructions Bring water to 165 F in a kettle. While the water comes to temperature, sprinkle the looseleaf green tea into a large jar or pitcher. Pour the hot water over the tea and allow it to steep for 2 minutes. Strain the tea through a fine-mesh sieve into your fermentation vessel (I use this one.). Pour in the honey, and stir it until it dissolves completely in the tea. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature, 65 to 75 F, then dump the Jun culture into the jar and pour in the Jun tea. Allow the tea to ferment for 3 days at room temperature. After three days, the Jun tea should smell pleasantly sour and faintly sweet. Carefully remove the Jun culture and ½ cup Jun tea from the top of the jar, and dump them into a waiting jar. The Jun culture and tea are now ready for you to prepare a second batch of Jun. Pour the remaining Jun tea into 4 pint-sized flip-top bottles (available here, seal the bottles tightly and allow the Jun to ferment a second time for 2 to 3 days. After 2 to 3 days, your Jun tea is ready to drink. Place the bottles in the refrigerator to chill, or serve the Jun right away. Keep in mind that, like kombucha, Jun will fizz and foam when you open the bottles, so take care to open them over a sink. Link=http://nourishedkitchen.com/how-to-make-jun-tea/
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