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  1. Hello, I have a Shaw PVR 630 for sale. It is the predecessor of the PVR 830. It uses 2 coax input cables from the dish so that you can watch something on one channel and record something on a different channel at the same time. It can also be setup (programmed) to record on its own at specified times and channels that you choose. Includes the remote, power adapter and manual. It is not is service right now, but was working before I put it back into the box. I would like $1200 pesos as is (without coax cables nor dish nor Shaw account) . There are plenty of people that are willing to "share" their account with others. Let me know if this suits you.
  2. Thanks to all for your feedback. I think I have enough info to make an informed decision whether it is the right thing to do and sign up. I was recently directed (by a fellow member of this site) to the "Official" SP website. The entire website is in Spanish (and I am continuously improving my skills with that), so I reverted to Google Translate to help me. It seems like a real good system, so I will try to get the correct documentation together and see if they accept me. Again, thanks to all for your help with my question.
  3. What I was looking for from this site was some examples of what people are being charged for the service. I am not looking for legal advice, only info from people that have used or signed up for this healthcare.
  4. Funny how topics get "Hi-Jacked" so easily. This thread started out with the Seguro Popular discussion and somehow got onto real estate stuff. I recently got kicked out of IMSS after 8 years because I didn't have my documents "Stamped" by the Mexican Consulate (in Canada) to re-apply for this year. So, I am looking toward Seguro Popular as a replacement since I am not eligible for any Canadian assistance. What is a going rate for this alternate health care? I saw a bunch of typical questions they ask you, but how does that relate (in Pesos) for a fee? If they think that I am rich (on my pension), what kind of rate would that look like for me and my wife?
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