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  1. Can anyone recommend a good webmaster, ideally in the Lakeside area (makes ongoing remuneration easier), that could look after this website https://www.aclakeside.com/services.asp. ? Required is someone ongoing to periodically update the main site and add new Nursing, Convalescent and Assisted Living Homes in the Care Registry section. 376 766-0096 ac@aclakeside.com Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone know anyone at Lakeside that has the equipment and talent to convert a 35 year old VHS video tape to a DVD format or even better... MPEG format?? Just found a long lost, 70 minute wedding video tape. Will make my wife very happy... I hope­čśÇ Thanks in advance.
  3. If you are talking about Hernandez I have used them for years for tire repair and Suspension repairs, (shocks, tie rod and bushings). Happily recommend them.
  4. My local Webmaster passed away suddenly as he was starting to create a new website for my daughter. Does anybody know a competent webmaster that can create new sites and maintain my existing site https://aclakeside.com/ . Please contact Arthur Clark at ac@aclakeside.com Thank you for any help
  5. Bonafont Water truck - Jorge Cell 55 1510 2855 I just text him with my address and he is usually here in a couple of hours can't remember the price for sure but it's around 31-33 pesos.
  6. A care-giver is required for my wife, a stroke survivor, in our home. The lady needs to be able to speak English in order to communicate with her. The requirement is for 8 hours per day Monday to Friday. Duties include: general care, preparing her meals, bathing, changing etc. Location is in Fracc. Villa Nova, just West of Roberto's Restaurant and 2 blocks from a bus stop. Any ideas will be deeply appreciated. Please use acinmex@gmail.com for any questions or suggestions. Thank you.
  7. Can anybody recommend a web developer here at Lakeside to rework and maintain a site hosted by Go Daddy? It is important to have actual experience in Wordpress. Additionally, experience with Microsoft Office 365 V. 2016 would be a real asset. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Thank you very much for this. Alcohol, Cell phones and perhaps helmets I get, but there are a couple of priorities from the officials that are bizarre. And, HarryB, I know you said his words not yours, so absolutely no criticism of you. As we all know, a pickup truck with the back full of children under age 5 is ignored. In contrast, seat belts inside a car where one is surrounded by air bags travelling at 25 KPH is priority number 1. Similarly, another priority is an 8th grader riding inside a car without a child booster car seat. Huh? BTW beware of the measurement system u
  9. Regrettably, Dr.Lowell Birch's treatment for my wife did not work as expected and that became obvious in the early stages of treatment. Without us having to ask, he immediately offered a refund of the unused portion of the prepayment. That was fair so, for us his ethics are not in question.
  10. Other doctors agree it is the best machine in Lakeside.
  11. It appears there are no instructions on setting up a Greeting Mesage for Voicemail on the Telcel website and the voice instructions seem to be different than TelMex. Can anybody provide the instructions? Any language will be fine as it can be translated easily. Sincere TIA
  12. The law simply reads that you must have either a collar or a leash for your dog but if you choose you are allowed to have both. My dog always has a collar.
  13. In my opinion, anyone leaving poison bait intended to randomly kill pets has lost a key element of humanity in their makeup. These sickos turn up everywhere at some point. Obviously, they need to be found and dealt with. Those that take away an important part of peoples' lives need to have an important part of their lives taken way. Like their resident visa. The State of Jalisco leash law is posted on the malecon. It very clearly states in Spanish and English the dog must have a collar and/or a leash. So, in fact it is being enforced because if the dog is wears a collar and being
  14. To the OP. So sorry to hear of the loss of your Sophie. There are so many happy, friendly dogs that enjoy their off leash romp on the malecon... it is distressing to hear of such malice. Can you share with us exactly where the poison was place?
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