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  2. Hi everyone, I met a young lady a couple of years ago (Maria, Mariana or a version thereof, I think her name was) walking on the malecon. She was a very tiny lady, very sweet & friendly, dark brown hair. She was nurse and did caretaker work as well as cleaning. She helped me with a few things and gave me her number but I cannot find it anywhere. I have seen some posts here and I think they were referring to her looking for work. If anyone has any idea or if this rings a bell for anyone, please message me. I would like to reconnect with her. Gracias
  3. Hola Just wondering if anyone knows whether there is a reputable place to get an MRI in Ajijic and what the cost might be? I did a search for previous posts but nothing came up. The readers of this forum are usually very informed on heath topics so I thought I would ask y'all. Gracias
  4. Hola Liquipure Did you get any information on whats happening at Abbeyfield?
  5. You are very brave to bring up the subject of stray and or unleashed dogs in this forum. In my opinion there are a lot of both in Ajijic. The worst offenders however are the pet owners who let their dogs (big and small) roam freely while truly believing that their dogs have some special privilege and should be allowed to run free wherever they are, and crap wherever they want. We are near the malecon and frequently have dogs (with owners in the park) run into our yard when we open the gate and crap and run around & do as they wish. Some of these dogs are quite large and it is a bit scary to try and get them out because you do not know their temperment so getting them out is always a stresser. While walking our little dog on the malecon, our dog has been attacked by loose dogs but fortunately not hurt badly. It is also a case of dodge the dog crap on the malecon which is extremely unfortunate. I don't understand these people at all. They cannot comprehend that their dog might be either a threat or a nuisance to other people who just want to enjoy a nice walk by the water.
  6. It wasn't a problem with the rules at all, the people did not seem interested in having a new member, I found the atmosphere very cliquish and indifferent.
  7. I was interested in joining the kayak club too until I went to a lunch meeting,,,,,very unfriendly and unwelcoming atmosphere. Maybe the people involved have changed since then.
  8. Is the the building that was to be built by the yacht club they are referring to?
  9. I had the same problem. What solved it was I hung a few shiny items from the top of the canopy over the table and a couple around the edges of the mirador wall and they have never come back. I just constructed a small ball wrapped in tinfoil and at night they move around a bit with the wind. I guess the bats don't like the shiny or the moving so they went elsewhere. Hope this helps.
  10. I would vote no but people will do what they want. The malecon and lake area has lost its quiet and peacefulness, starting with zumba classes blaring out noise in the morning, drummers in the amphitheater in the evening, the car stereos, dogs barking, etc etc. Unfortunately the only time you can really enjoy the bird song and peaceful reflection is between 7 and 8 am.
  11. Interesting but for those of us non computer savvy, what does clearing the cookies mean and how does one do that?
  12. Hola Looking to spend a few nights at a spa hotel hopefully in Guadalajara so we can relax and shop too. Does anyone know of any place? Gracias
  13. We have found very few restaurants in Ajijic central that still ask for toilet paper to go in a bin. A couple I think ask for it anyway when it isn't absolutely necessary anymore just as a precaution. In our home we have never had a problem with toilet paper or even thought about putting it in a bin.
  14. Okay thanks everyone. I guess I will try to get to Galerias. Is it easy enough to drive there or will the drive be intimidating for a newbie?
  15. oh, I thought that mall between Joco and Costco was the Gallerias Mall..sorry folks!.. So it is an outlet mall ?. Is it worthwhile going to?. Or should I still try to get to Gallerias?. Dont really need anything just want to browse around a bit.. Thanks everyone.
  16. Hola, We have driven to Costco a few times now (via Jocotepec) and see the Gallerias Mall on the left of the divided highway while on the way. We looked the last time we went to costco but do not see any place to turn off to get to the Mall. Can anyone tell me how to get to the Mall, is there a specific turn I need to take? Gracias
  17. bamboo are very soft also microfiber are soft
  18. located at Aquiles Serdán 44 used to be across from plaza at hotel, also famous for her sunday brunches French Canadian and the cook knows poutine
  19. Mels also has delicious poutine.......my favorite place so far
  20. Yes we went to the immigration window when we left and yes we do have the other half of the FFM form they gave us at that time. So bear with me a couple more questions: Do we need to go to the immigration window to hand this other half back of that FMM form in when we arrive back in Mexico or hand it in to customs? Also on this form it asks your country of residence - are we supposed to say Mexico or Canada since we live in both places? What do we do with the additional FMM form that we will get on the plane or do we not have to take one? Sorry folks just don't want to screw up or create some sort of problem for us.
  21. We had our Temporary Resident Visa granted in Chapala before we left Mexico for Canada for Christmas, This will be the first time actually entering Mexico with our new card. Wondering what, if anything, we need to do upon entering the country at customs. Do we just go through customs as usual but present our Temp. Visa card & the other half of the slip they gave us when we left? Do we still have to write on our IMN form Temporary Resident across the top? Is there anything else we have to remember to do when going through? If anyone can give us some advice it would be appreciated. Thank you,
  22. I have often wondered about this. Aren't there a lot of homes that are built wall to wall in central Ajijic? By that it seems there are 2 walls (one for each house) but they are actually built abutting each other with no space in between. That is the situation with our house and one neighbour, and I often wonder what would happen if one of us tore down our house & if this would destabilize the other.
  23. I totally agree....and find it strange that some people here have found Air Canada to be the cheapest as it has always been far more $ whenever I have checked plus changing in Mx. City is a hassle. Also don't like the longer flight time to Mx. City - prefer shorter jaunts on planes at my age. Of all the change over airports in the US - Atlanta is far superior IMO - very helpful people just walking around the airport asking you if you need help (cant even find someone to help you in Houston or Dallas) plus a nice relaxed atmosphere & a very good seafood restaurant.
  24. We have tried them all but I am sure others may have a different opinion. The one we like best for travel times is United - as you can leave around 7:50 am from Tor. and get into Guad. around 2:15 pm. The turnaround time in the airport in the US is quick, and we like that as we do not like hanging around airports for too long. Also like that you can get a flight back leaving Guad. at around 3 pm so you don't have to get up & to the airport at an uncivilized hour. We like Delta for service, but there is usually 2-3 hrs. waiting for connecting flight in US & sometimes too long to catch connector from US. Sometimes we use American depending on the flight times, also ok. Its all about the timing for us. We try to get back and forth as fast as possible with as little time spent in the connecting airport as possible. We caught a good deal for Jan. and were able to get a great price on first class so we can bring down a bunch of stuff for the house without worrying about extra baggage fees. Hope this helps, and of course this is just our opinion.
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