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  1. I did not give you the sad faces, as you can see I speak my mind.. Certain professionals ( nurses) are educated to assess factors that may contribute to an issue. It may be "I just ate a liter of ice cream " or " I have had nothing to eat for 5 hrs."  There are many situations that could be easily taken care of and not require a physician visit.   So yes, I agree with you that the process of taking glucose readings does not require a mental giant. But I disagree that just being able to do it means it is safe practice. This seems to be getting a little silly.

    Do you have a point you are trying to make??  I have made mine and do not want to continue this exchange.

  2. . The tester is told never to give advice but if a reading is very abnormal we have it double checked by another medical person.. If still abnormal recommend to see,  a physician. If one does not have one, go to Ajijic clinic.   Sorry but disagree on "all things any one can do."  Yes, I agree there are different machines, so if you are in a position of testing, one should be familiar with the common ones.  I think we are on different pages with regard to no brainer.   At LCS we are all professionals and do ask those questions. It actually doesn't make it more complex but assess whether certain behaviors are contributing to the reading and may lesson anxiety

    I assume you know what influence blood glucose..

    . It sounds like you are not in the medical field.

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  3. On ‎9‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 1:10 PM, mkshawn said:

    Actually a brief answer is possible: Moles are generally removed surgically, depending on size & type may require a biopsy by others after removal?

    Fwd from Sea:

    From her card:

    Dra. Martha Ballesteros

    cell 044 33 3408 0951

    Email: skin_ballesteros@hotmail.com

    Her number in Guad at the office: 3631 8037, 3632 9495

    She attends to patients at the LCS, check their schedule & sign up.

    If you see her at LCS ,the examination is free.

  4. I know we are not NOB , but some of the practices here may explain the chicken issues. First in meat/ dairy there is suppose to be below a freezer line. No product displayed above that.line because it is not the right temperature.. Second, places like Cosco only allow their chicken to stay out on display for so many hours, then they pull them.. Third, I recently had chicken from Walmart ( I didn't buy) and it was so dry, tasted like saw dust. probably from being out so long as it was bought late in the day.. As for freezing meat. Lowering the temperature at night is done here and NOB. But here the temp is way low which may account for the smell. Check ice cream at Superlake and don't be surprised if it is crystallized because it melted and refroze. I also have had to bring it to their attention that some of the dairy products are way expired. I won't buy cheese there because I find the cheese they package often just had the mildew cut off. So how frozen  the chicken is when it arrives, how long it is kept "frozen" and the low freezing temp. may play a part.

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  5. The Lake seems to be attracting more people. There are definitely more boats. Federal land lies between water and property. Can anyone tell me if there are 3 levels of concession rights? It also seems to take a lot of time to find out if someone has the concession rights below one's property.

  6. On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 6:10 PM, gimpychimp said:

    For those who ridicule people for some of their honest answers, and who think you should go back to Canada or the United States for wanting some of the things you had there, think back to the city you came from. Did you ridicule the Italian immigrants for all their stores in "Little Italy"? Or did you shop there sometimes for some of their great products? Did you ridicule the Chinese immigrants for what they had going on in "Chinatown"? Or did you go to their restaurants for some fantastic meals?   All the cities have areas where immigrants of a certain nationality like to spend time together. You probably understood that it is human nature to want to be with people who speak your language, and to buy products in stores that suit your way of cooking, etc. There's comfort and familiarity in that, and there is nothing wrong with craving things you enjoyed in your home country. Why can't you see that it is the same for people who have immigrated to Mexico to want to eat certain foods, and buy certain things they grew up with? That doesn't mean that they're not enjoying their life in Mexico, and that they should go back. It means they are human and they feel comfort from certain things they grew up with, that's all. There is nothing wrong with that. Let me tell you who else wants many things from the U.S.  Rich Mexicans.  Take a look around in Superlake and you will see Mexicans who can afford it in there buying all those imported products at high prices. Take a look around in Guadalajara and you will see many American stores and chain restaurants, and who do you think they opened those for?  The foreigners from Lake Chapala?  No.  It turns out that Mexicans like that stuff too, if they can afford it.  MaineCoons had a good point above, I must say.

    Agree!  The question was what would like to see added or changed or improved. Why is it when someone in good faith answers, they are ridiculed. Nothing better to do?

    I would like to see traffic lights work all the time, especially near Pranza. Like most, better sidewalks and a thorough look at ALL the side streets that are crumbling as well as the big holes that hold water and breed mesquites. Oh yes, please clean the arroyos.  Maybe strategically  placed trash cans ( that would be emptied ) and secured to encourage people to put trash in the can.

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  7. 10 hours ago, sm1mex said:

    Quality Care now has a psychiatrist, but I have not used that Dr.  I only know this is a new service they are providing.

    I am afraid Quality care does not have one at the moment.  I was commenting on how many new doctors they have and was told getting a psychiatrist was hard.  Their sign is etched with doctors names and hasn't been updated.  Maybe the one they thought was coming will come eventually

  8. I am currently being treated by Dr. Luis Garcia  N. @ quality care.  So far what he orders makes sense.   BTW even though many of the Quality care specialists only come once or twice a week. They are very responsive to calls. Little slower on email because of the quantity they get. I also like the fact that the doctors confer with each other.

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  9. On ‎6‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 1:14 PM, jraschko said:

    In the face of adversity and harsh critics the transition team plowed forward with the best of intentions for the animals residing at the Anita's Animals shelter. In the wake of recent disturbing discoveries and counsel from our lawyer, local animal advocates, and two local vets, we are not moving forward with our intentions to purchase and rehabilitate the property.  Instead, we are working to rehome as many dogs as possible by first getting them healthy and sociable. That means removing them from the shelter and having them vetted and fostered.

    We are proud of the work we and other volunteers accomplished at the shelter to provide isolated recovery areas and care for the sick animals.  The team is very disheartened that we cannot help all the animals at the shelter at this time but will continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the animals as we can. 

    We currently have 11 dogs in our care and after attending to their needs we will post pictures of these beautiful souls in the hope of finding foster or permanent homes on the website. 

    I understand that many of you will either have your hopes dashed or be ready to criticize our decision. My suggestion is to either keep it to yourselves or go to Anita's and see how you can help. Even though we are not taking it over, we still very much care about the animals still there and any future drop offs. You can contact Edelweiss, Anita's daughter or Doris, Anita's power of attorney, as I believe they are the responsible persons at this point. 


    J Raschko

    Humm  Lets see now. Your really low ball offer to Anita was refused. So you took all her books and the clothing she use to sell  and 11 more dogs cannot be account for. If you didn't own the property , how could you legally dispose of Anita's things?

    So you are distancing yourself.   Who is doing the work to home these animals? They should have records updated.  Did you leave the dogs well groomed? Or are you just going to show off 11 dogs .

    The criticism you received you brought upon yourself. If you had explained who you were what your plans were, people could understand/.  But you started with very unkind and undeserving and inaccurate statements about Anita's shelter. We are not stupid, most of us knew they were not true.. But the best part was your comments about euthanizing the animals. Many people here have rescued animals that sustained an injury. You always knew Anita would help until the animal was well. Now there is a big void!   If you were so concerned , why didn't you try advertising to see if there would be any others who might want to take over?

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  10. On ‎6‎/‎22‎/‎2017 at 7:51 AM, cafemediterraneo said:

    exactly, purpleflower. It certainly wasn't necessary to shut down the wednesday books/clothes tables at the tianguis to clean up the animal facilities. the hard working volunteers  and donaters were shown the back of their hand by the new "team" and told that their efforts were useless and unneeded. there was no effort to connect with the weekly contributors. Heard the books were sold off by the pound to someone and clothing given away. this outreach project was an important meeting place for gringos and mexicans and it will be hard going to reestablish the trust in these relationships. it affects the entire tianguis as I and others consider whether to go to the tianguis or not because there is no longer an Anita's Animals to stop by and peruse and schmooze....it was the only thing you couldn't buy elsewhere. also appaulled at the talk of putting down animals, which is in contradiction to Anita's dedication to save all animals regardless of adoptability. Animals do have to be fed and cleaned up after on a daily basis and Anita has been gone for at least 3 weeks, so her standards may have been relaxed,but that is no reason to disparage her hard work and kill inconvenient animals. These are big shoes that need to be filled by someone with a big heart.


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