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  1. You are right about that, a lot less interesting. With your unkind statements trying to put me down.....you have gone way off topic. . I said it was just a side bar and you both made it an issue .Did you want to start another posting Tiny and bmh or be more productive and help the poster.?
  2. Telsz4.......As I said it was just a side bar. I thought an interesting contrast. Sorry that went over your head.
  3. Just a little sidebar: I just returned from New Jersey. The same distance to the air port as it is here and pay 600p. I was charges $ 129 USD. They have a machine and under the cost is a line with 10,15,20,25 % tip and you choose one. To be fair, there is a none space.
  4. I have found some Canadian coins and will never use them. I don't want to make money on them, just offer them to some one who can use them' There are 5 $1.00 50 pesos 2 $2.00 40 p and 2 25 cents nothing please pm me if you are interested.
  5. His credentials are that he is a dental student. I have no idea how dental students are supervised with procedures. Perhaps a word to Dra. Candy would help. Unless someone ...tactfully ....says something, she will never know. And he will never improve. Because dentists routinely clean teeth here, it is surprising when the dentist doesn't do them. I cannot remember ever having to ask for the dentist to do them. I asked a dentist here why they do the cleaning and not a technician or hygienist and was told because there are too many dentists.
  6. Angus, the poster has a legitimate question. The person wants to know if others feel as (he..she) does. Isn't that the purpose of this forum to inform, get ideas and suggestions? This is not the first time you have tried to make something turn nasty and to bring attention to yourself and not offer anything constructive. There are some legitimate concerns here. I have been here over 10 yrs. and definitely seen changes. Some are good, like more entertainment, better restaurants, and specialty programs like children's art and language more developed ways to help the poo,. incapacitated, abused etc.to name a few. I am not, however, blind to the very possible problems on the horizon. Water, especially if there is a dry season, will become a serious situation. Many energy sources will be strained. I totally agree that most street are incredible bad if not dangerous as people try to avoid large and often deep pots holes. I know a street where rebar is poking up. Driving up Madero to Sorriano is like being on a roller coaster. Prices will certainly go up.If these things are not important now with the Magic city drive, what will make them more a priority ?The question the poster asked was what was the net gain or loss of people. Is the net gain really a wash with people leaving? When people leave they often say they have illnesses, miss family or spouse or partner passes. The op is asking what is the percentage of people just having enough of the Mexican experience as well ? I would like to know that as well. Looking at two new hospitals, a many high rise apts and condos, some investors are expecting a mass influx of people. Have investors really looked or care what happens to infrastructure? I suppose we could move out further west or east but in truth, the traffic might be better but so many things we enjoy now, will not be available. Maybe there are people on the board who have some answers to these concerns.
  7. He told me he was a dental student. I think Dr. Candy is a very nice and personable. I was not pleased by the cleaning either. I, however , am not going to return to her practice and I intend on telling her why. Not in anger but if it were me, I would want to know. People often get upset and the person or persons never know why .I was in a great deal of pain when I saw her. It was x-rayed. She told me I had a crack in the tooth but the oral surgeon looked at the xray and said you have a massive infection. Yes, the tooth was pulled and no doubt that, it had destroyed the roots. I then had to have 8 caps in the front because something was causing my dentin to dissolve. First the 4 front were straight across so looked very fake . I did ask and she filed the side ones down. There was a crust like substance on the top each tooth. It could not be removed and the gum never came down to cover it as I was told it would. Lastly one of the 2 front teeth started to push out so they looked uneven and felt slightly loose. The tooth on the left side near the front could be pulled out manually. A black spot developed on one and could not be removed with brushing. I went 4 times to get a bite guard and it never fit. I did have a second and third opinion and was x-rayed every which way and was told it would have to be done all over again. I had something called leaking from 2 teeth and showed me the residue, the black spot was a bubble and on the top was the dental adhesive. Yes my front tooth was moving out in front of the other. I was told I could wait a few months but at the end of the year , if I didn't have it redone, I would have some big dental problems. Now one could say the doctor just wanted money so told me these things, but two dentists? Like I said, as a person I really like Candy. Perhaps she needs a little more professional guidance before taking on these sort of procedures.
  9. Love board games......when you get settled, have interested people PM you with contact information.
  10. Sorry so late responding. Computer froze and someone stole my cell phone. LIA is in the east side , I live on the west end. I will be at LIA most of the day after12. If you are a west ender, I CAN BRING THEM HOME AND MAKE ARRANGMENTS TO PICK THE UP . sorry THIS KEY BOARD IS A SUBSTITUTE AND JUMPS ALL OVER THE PLACE 766 0175. my email mycasa17 at gmail.com I CANNOT GET THE AT SIGN TO WORK.
  11. Love in Action children shelter bazar regrets that it will be having a closeout sale February 22 and 23. In the cleaning out process we found a box of 4.25" (13.5 cm) by 32.5 ( 83 1/4 ) alphabet letters. Looks like what might be put up in a marquee. If anyone can use them, maybe for school) we would be glad to sell them for 50p. Please remember the money goes to the children.
  12. Love in Action bazar regrets that it will be having a closeout sale February 22 and 23. In the cleaning out process we found a box of 4.25" (13.5 cm) by 32.5 ( 83 1/4 ) alphabet letters. Looks like what might be put up in a marquee. If anyone can use them, we would be glad to sell them for 50p. Please remember the money goes to the children.
  13. We had a problem renting a car in PV to drive to Tulum. They wanted a passport, Permanente didn't work nor driver's license. We had to have the house sitter copy the passports and send as an email attachment. They did accept that.
  14. The cleaners out here on the west side (mountain side) has a woman who sews and alters. I cannot remember if it is before or after Roberto's restaurant.
  15. Most charitable bazars have volunteers and a paid manager. In my 9 years of working with bazars, I am very confident when I say, you must have a paid manager. There are many duties expected from a manager, especially paperwork if it is a consignment store. Managers usually do the pricing because if everyone did, there would be real chaos. In addition they have to make sure the bazar is clean, tidy, safe and everyone is honest, train new volunteers monitor length of time an item doesn't sell etc. You cannot expect a volunteer to do or want to do that.. Volunteers practically all are retired and have the freedom of coming and going, work certain days etc. As for only going to charitable bazars, that is your prerogative and the way many people feel, nothing is wrong with that.. Some bazars, however, are owned and run by Mexicans. This is how they earn money to live.
  16. thank you for those who tried to help. I am not Constructional Dyspraxia. To those nasty people who had to comment on the misspelling, find a life.
  17. And he didn't forget the Blood Pressure team at LCS. We always got a candy.
  18. Need to contact Jimmy about an important issue. You can private message me if you feel more comfortable.
  19. You can try Lidia Zamudio Cerda She is a nurse who runs a supply store. #76 766 2088. My experience is that it sometimes is hard to get her because she also runs a home nursing service. lidiazamudio@yahoo.com.mx If you go on Amazon Mexico, they have hollister products.
  20. Well computer guy I guess we have to agree to disagree. In more developed places, batteries or shades can be used. But I have worked in one where the refrigeration WAS reduced. I have to wonder how many stores have new energy saving means. "Quick Fixes Many grocery stores can benefit from low- or no-cost energy expenditure reductions. Turning Things Off It’s the simplest of ideas: Remember that every 1,000 kWh you save by turning things off equals $100 off your utility bill. (This assumes average electricity costs of $0.10/kWh.") If Sl does not lower the temperature, then they must recycle aged cheese. But doesn't explain the ice cream. Don't lecture me, I have electrical engineering backgtound
  21. Check the current OJO page 49 Extended Roads Package Delivery States " from the USA to Chapala/Ajijic"
  22. My experience has been different. Expired yogurt, cheeses etc . Very often do go bad. Especially milk. I will never buy cheese wrapped at SL. Invariably green begins to appear. One reason may not be the expiration date but the refrigeration which is lowered at night. Ever buy ice cream that has been refrozen there. I have.
  23. Sometimes they look for a receipt identifying the cost. Then they charge half of the cost. I ordered an item that was 70% off. But the bill gave the original price. No receipt then they guess.
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