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  1. This is a question from a male friend. He has been going to doctors about spinal disc problems. Dr. A suggested sedation and injection of cortisone to reduce inflammation. If that doesn't work have spaces put in.   Dr.B was recommended  and someone told him to go see Dr. B @maskaras and get a special gel injected into space.

    Anyone have any of these treatments or different ones that might help spinal disc compression?

  2. Yes, lets build and build!   and make money! The boomers are coming and more Mexicans come on the weekends.  AND let us forget about infrastructure such as  water, sewage , even traffic lights that are not replaced until there is a horrible accident. The streets have double basketball pot holes. You may not see them because they are not on luxury lane. The trip from Chapala to the west end takes forever.  Figure out  how long it is from La Christina to Hildago and then see how much time it takes to travel it..  So, am I in favor of building and more building? No, not without guareented changes to accommodate more building.  After you made your investment money, did you ever go back and if the area could actually support it?   People buy here and then learn about places where water has to be delivered. Even better the 4 way at Pronza restaurant  had one functioning traffic light for how many weeks???

    People have different definitions when they call this place paradise, weather usually being number one. But I don't think to many will say I can buy or rent a luxury place to live. 

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  3. 7 hours ago, Zeb said:

    Thank you for responding.  She is in her 70's and alone here.  People end up alone for so many reasons.  I don't really think that's important in this case.  Her children live in the US.  She is just on very limited income and it is hard when you move into a rental and so many things are missing.  The previous tenant even took the gas tank, light fixtures, etc.  It is really hard to find an inexpensive rental when you have limited funds here and this is what she could find, which puts her in the position of having to buy things one would normally expect to be in a rental, even an unfurnished one.  She is having to do some fix up in a house she does not own, and funds for that were not in the budget.  She has linens, etc.

    The biggest problem is lack of cabinetry and storage type items so she can put things away.  Imagine closets, bathroom vanities, and kitchen with no shelving.  What a mess.  The front door lock is also an issue as anyone can put their hand through the gate and open it from the inside. 

    She could use some paint for a couple of areas to replace the dark colors. 

    How and where can one donate ?  I have a few things. The idea of the plastic cabinets is really a good one. 



  4. I have had one eye done by a doctor not mentioned on this topic. There were big problems as air got into my retinal area and there were air cysts pressing on my retina. I was having trouble seeing but thought as some have said " oh it sometimes takes time"  I went to Dra.Claudia who had me xrayed and found the lumpy retina. Off to the retinal specialist who injected something into my eye as well as an anti-inflammatory. I was told I was lucky to have come as if I didn't there would not be any progress with the effected eye.  So healing and on to the right eye with Dra. C. All is coming along well.She cleaned the left lens which was dirty. I may have to wear a contact or reading glasses because of the left eye.  While paying for the most expensive lens and still need contact or glasses is frustrating , I am so grateful I still have my sight and do not have to wear glasses all the time.   BTW  I still go for my glasses out of habit.

  5. On ‎8‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 2:21 PM, tomgates said:

    In the spirit of common courtesies that make society run smooth, I offer up several things that drive me nuts 

    1. People entering Walmart through the exit door. 

    2. People with more than 20 items in the fast checkout line. Walmart again!

    3. Drivers not following proper procedures at the La Floresta glorieta.

    4. Drivers looking down at their laps (at a cellphone??) and not looking ahead. 

    5. Drivers passing on the right going east through La Floresta. 


    Might I add drivers ( expats just as guilty as Mexicans of not using turn signals. Several times I would have let someone in if I knew what direction they wanted to go. Sometimes you can tell by the angle of the car , but many times not. So they try to creep up and you do not know if they want to do a U turn in front of you. If you let them in you block up all the traffic as the U turn person creeps out to see if there is any traffic going the other way.

    Even more serious was the person in front of us with no break lights in Guad. You know what traffic is like stop stop go go go stop.

    Saying I was a nervous wreck was an understatement.

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  6. We have ss and other needed money in an American bank. Then we write a check  to Multiva for about 3  months of money we predict we will need. We have a savings ( investment account) . I believe it goes into the bank part and we have them release it to Banamex. 

    This has been our method for years. Suddenly our check took 3 months to clear. Multiva could not account for this. This, however, caught us a bit short with a bunch of medical and repair bills. 

  7. Please recommend on board or message a good cement person. I need some spots fixed but also a good size wall. Someone next door decided to build a huge wall and our side looks sloppy with globs of cement showing through bricks.  Never mind what cement does to plants!!! 

  8. On ‎1‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 7:33 PM, johnajcha said:

    Ophthalmologist: Dr. Claudia Camacho: www.camacho-choza.com

    Only VERY good experience.... not sure if she does retina.

    tel: 765 7777

    She is not a retinologist but realized my problem involving a mishap with a cataract surgery performed by someone else. She sent me to a Doctor Silva in Guad. He treated the retina and it is much better now.


  9. We left  for the states as permanentes. On return, however, husband had packed in checked suitcase. ( I know I know) Anyway he had to return as a tourist. 

    If he leaves as a tourist and returns as a Permanente, will that work?

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  10. This is not just a pet peeve but can be dangerous. Both Mexicans and expats  who are trying to get out onto the Carreterra , park perpendicular. When you pass they have no signal on as to whether they intend to turn right or left. Often the car angle gives you no clue.  I would allow more people to cut in front of me if I knew what direction they were going.  I don't want to stop up traffic if someone is cutting in front to go the other way and cars may be coming.  I cannot be responsible if someone cuts ahead and is going the other way as most of the time I cannot on coming traffic.

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  11. There are for profit and nonprofit to help support various charities. I am identifying the ones that support education, disabilities, poor communities and art for children.

    There are 2 bazars in Riberas del pilar across fro 7-11 , One is NCA which use money for paying sponsorships for children's education (consignment  20-25%) 

    Casa Nuevo thrift and consignment store

    .Tepehua Treasures  98 Hildago and consignment    

    Que Ganga !  Carr.Chapala -Joco #976 La Canacinta. Next to Anchor restaurant     La Canacinta   Not a consignment.

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  12. On ‎6‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 10:01 PM, ComputerGuy said:

    Pets are pets. Beloved most often, yes. But they are pets, not people. They will not die of loneliness when left at home for a couple of hours. They will not bother anyone when left at home. They will bother many people when brought into a restaurant.

    Pets stay at home millions of times a day, all around the world. There are reasons for laws forbidding pets in restaurants. Some here seem to believe that Mexican laws are not like real laws, and don't apply to gringos and expats. What BS.

    Some people also don't realize that pets often shed, nothing like animal dander or hair to ruin your appetite.


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  13. Yes, I hope they are getting things together. Last Sunday with reservations for 8 was a disaster . First there was only one menu taped to a white board. No one could read it. Simeone should have thought of Xeroxing. One person never got served , until reminded several times. and we were all finished. The fish wasn't cooked.

    Mummy shrimp ( no large shrimp) so it consisted of little shrimp in a line with a strip of bacon on the top.

    Chicken Parmesan was a chicken patty fried ( no cheese or sauce). Beef that couldn't be chewed.There was something wrong with everyone's meal but mine. I understand new restaurants need some to adjust but anyone would know to stock up with a group of 8 people and who ever passes around a large white board for everyone to read?.  The sister was made aware of the issuers and said we didn't have to pay for the meals. Glad to hear some improvements. If they had just said we are out of the big shrimp, something else would have been ordered . . We felt obligated to pay for drinks and slipped a tip to the waiter. I do not know where in the meal chain decisions were made. Glad to hear some improvements. They just didn't seem to have any previous experience. Starting a restaurant with 3 meals  in the low season with special foods seems a little ambitious. But comments above seemed to indicate they are fast learners. At least for breakfast.I think we will give them a little more time.


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