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  1. 15 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences..Yes I need to be more pro active and plan and go back to Zeta Gaz

    I am surprised no one mentioned Gas Los Altoss. Have been using them for many years and no problem. He comes around when he thinks we might be low.Since he knows our habits by now. When he sees we are not,  he very pleasantly leaves. Never asked to top off . name is Javier

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  2. On ‎2‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 11:18 AM, Dough said:

    You must not have a Temporale or Permanente visa.  If you do have and have not claimed a capital gains exemption in the last 5 (maybe 3 years now) then you have the exemption regardless of the original price on the deed.  Suggest your explore your immigration status option to reduce the tax.  Your notary can also have a survey of improvements to reduce the capital gains in the event you can't change your immigration status.

    He  is right   if you are permanente  and can prove this is your primary residence ( if you have more than one, say a rental) you can claim an exemption . Notary said it was 3 years now. Same boat as you bought the house 103,000 more than on the title, but plan to take the exception. If you plan to sell with a realtor , a good one will know all this.

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  3. On ‎2‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 5:02 PM, La Aurora said:

    I think what vetteforron is talking about is that Joco replaced all the cobble stone streets with pavers,real improvement.I lived in Roca Azul for a year when first moving to Mexico in 2008.Growing up in the boonies of Washington State wanted to get back to the rural life to an  area of south Lake Chapala.Moved to Puragua for a little over 5years,decided to move to the coast to be living  close to the beach in Bucerias,Nayarit.Made it 3 years and decided we couldn't handle the heat and humidity anymore,so have moved back to southside of the lake again a little east of Tuxcueca.We have a 5bedroom 3and a half bath house on the lake with 3 hectacres.Now have 4 dogs 4 cats 11 hens and 2 ducks.My wife will go to the northside once a month to get a few things we can't get around here.Living the good life now.New hiway also helps.When they get the new bypass around San Luis finished this side will take off,not really looking forward to that actually,unless we owned where we live

    I  don't mean to be disrespectful but what do you do being out there? Are there things to do? Any Expats?  Again, I am just asking because we have talked about it but always seems so rural and speaking enough Spanish to get by would be a problem for us.


  4. Lisa, has her usual a teaser to get you to subscribe. She writes that "Mega" development was approved. There is a map but I 

    cannot make out where it is. Is this for real?  I do not have a subscription as she never reimbursed us subscribers the last time she was doing 

    this and then just stopped . Not even when sent an email and asking for it.

  5. 3 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    There is no exemption in the leash law for the dogs' desire to run free.

    Absolutely agree !  There is a lease law for a reason.  First, some dogs are not so well behaved , when outside and not leased.  I have seen dogs rush at a leased or unleased dog. Why I don't know, but it happens. Then the leased dog and owner panic.  Secondly some people  are simply afraid of dogs, either never having had one or a bad experience. Third, what happens if you unleased dog runs into a pack?  Fourth, Some people are a bit incapacitated ( walk with cane) etc. and are frightened they cannot defend themselves.  If your dogs need exercise , take them to a dog park.  

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  6. I totally agree Tiny. Not only do I feel I am being cramped  but I really am concerned about the infrastructure .I had no idea the amount of building being considered until I read the Guad Reporter today. Makes me wonder if I should stick around while we implode. Why aren't more people raising concern about this.??  It is critical to this development. My other biggest concern is the environment . When I first moved here ten years ago . Now with weed whackers etc., they have been frightened away.

  7. 9 hours ago, jonnyintrouble said:



    Damn Nurse Ratched, you don't read so well.  You're so fixated on finding something to punish me with you'll spin any comment.  

    Me: I love my dog.

    Nurse Ratched:  Oh, so your only capable of loving a dog?  Poor you.  

         Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Pelosi etc etc.   Don't drag us nurses into this please.

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  8. On ‎12‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 7:33 AM, NLU said:

    I can never feel sorry for people who cause me delay with their unpreparedness. It isn't just their concern for the petty small talk in which they persist while waiting in line; it is that that petty small talk  is indiciative of their character of disrespect for others in the world arounf them.

    Sometimes the unpreparedness is due to the fact it is the first time flying out of Mexico and they do not know the routine. Also sometimes the form changes so one has to take time filling out a new one. Petty small talk? Would you like deep conversations or that everyone become silent?

  9. On ‎11‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 2:03 PM, mattoleriver said:

    Is the ratio the same between singles and couples? How about those who lose a spouse while in Mexico?

    We have been here 11 yrs. In our experience we have seen about 50-50. The spouse returns to States, often at children's request. Others who are healthy have stayed here . One thing that has effected this situation. Is that in some cases people had come down before the income requirement was changed. Some stay because they are now all their income  is one SS check , some  go back because they need Medicare.   As some have written it is very difficult to quantify how many leave and for what reason.  A couple we met early on said after 3 years, " we just have had enough of the Mexican experience" 

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  10. 7 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    The concept of a tip used to be a reward for good service (and encouragement to continue that level of service). Somehow along the way that changed and it is now considered to be required (even being included in the bill in some establishments, whether the service was abyssmal or not) and those who tip lower than others are branded as tightwads. 

    I guess we can thank the employers who aren't willing to pay their staff a living wage for this shift in the definition of a tip. 


    Do you remember when you never tipped the owner? ie beauty shop.

  11. 11 hours ago, Xena said:

    I know the answer to this. I received a tutorial from a woman getting this done in the salon while I was there. It is your own nails covered in the gel which hardens into an acrylic like coating that protects your nails and does not chip. Hence the need for “fills” as your nail grows. She was having color changed for Christmas so she had it all removed. This was not an easy job. It was several layers and each required finger time in a light box to fix the layer. I stuffed my hands with their short, jagged nails in my pocket as I listened.

    This does not sound like anything I have ever seen . I have been doing acrylics for many years. No problem removing polish. Now I have gel over it and the polish. Your whole hand goes in the light box for just several minutes. The best part is no waiting to dry. Just pay and leave.

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  12. 7 hours ago, poptarte_22@yahoo.com said:

    BUT have you not seen the increase in GAS prices.?????    For the locals that is incredible.....how do they pay it?  It is comparable to the $1.30 and up in Ontario....but we earn much more by a long shot!!!  

    Sometimes one has to compare prices here to north..........I do, to understand that I am still blessed to be here and pay the prices, even if high, compared to home. 

    Today for example...my Gel nails refill  was 200p all last year...today they were $300!!!!!  That is a big jump...so I will be checking out other places, that equals what I pay in Ontario!  How do the owners justify that??  Is it a gouge?  I don't know, but will check out other places for sure now.

    It is always the same...prices go UP everywhere....plus we have that Canadian GST tax........added on to everything.     The increases are worth it to me as a foreigner and for the beauty of the climate and lifestyle here!!   I hope my presence and spending help the locals in exchange for their friendly and mostly welcoming attitude. 

    I think it would be good for you to check other places. You may be surprised that many nail places are raising prices. I get acrylic and gel for 270. Then of course there is tip.


  13. 1 hour ago, jonnyintrouble said:

    Funny how we assume doctors are the kindest most studious people in the World.  Doctors demand and receive a lot of respect.  They continue to study their entire lives.  At least that's what we're taught.  But sometimes if you draw the glittering curtain, you and Toto might get a surprise.   

    Maybe working around death, pain and misery for a few decades hardens you up.  Or maybe you were never soft to begin with, and your care-giving nature is no more than sublimation.  Doctors here are likely prescribing whatever meds they happen to stock.  Or those with the highest profit margins.

    And yes, I agree.  Joe Lunchbox shouldn't be giving pharma advice.  We all have our own chemistry and biology.  And if a doctor assumes he knows yours without sufficient questioning and lab testing don't walk, run.  You're not in Kansas anymore.   Take two aspirins and get some rest, or a mother's helping of chicken soup.

    I think it is safe to say that doctors behavior is part their basic personality and their specialty. I worked with oncologist, quite a young man. He would never get any closer to a patient's bed then at the end. All conversation was conducted with him at the end of the bed. Then he would wash his hands, even though he never touched the person. On day he told a woman she was to have chemo starting the next day. And exited before she could reply. She started crying because she didn't want to loose her hair. As it happened it would not have caused hair loss, I told her  but she wanted to hear it from the doctor. I went and told the doctor and he said "you are in charge of TLC"  I finally convinced him to go and tell her. I asked other nurses why he was so cold to patients. They said when he first started he got too close to his patients and if they died, he just couldn't cope. I wondered why he just didn't go into another field, like radiology . Even though I was a nurse clinical specialist, in those days ( white cap, white uniforms, shoes etc.,) you didn't confront doctors.

  14. On ‎12‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 4:06 PM, kam said:

    I find the whole notion of haggling with artisans, vendors and  shopkeepers disrespectful and demeaning. 

    I have encountered price differences and simply said I can get this for …..@ Farmacia Christina for ……  I don't think that is haggling or disrespectful.    I have also encountered in a store asking for a price on an item and a Mexican asked as well. I knew there was a difference. I just said she pays this?    I pay that??  I got it for her price.   It seems people get so provoked at buying things or restaurants. There is no reason at why a person cannot get their message across without being nasty.  Often I get a pretty high price to wash my car. I say but this car is chico  and drop down 5-10p. and laugh. They do too and I pay full price.


  15. 4 hours ago, gringal said:

    So, back to the original question:  How can you determine who to believe? And, if this man had symptoms still,  how could his EKG be "normal"?

    I will say the same problem applied back in the States.  A group practice has to raise a lot of money, partly because malpractice insurance is so expensive in that litigious country.  As  a sample of the way things went: a friend had foot pain and a surgeon was working hard to persuade her into a complex operation.  She got a second opinion from a former Canadian sports medicine doc who told her she was wearing the wrong shoes.  Different shoes and some passage of time, and no more foot pain. Some of it had to do with whether the patient had insurance which would cover the procedure.  Maybe it depends on how well the patient's b.s. meter is working.

    Personally, I found that the NOB doctors were no more worthy of trust than ours are here.  It's a matter of personal integrity.  In the States, doctors enjoy a much better rate of compensation that they do here, even considering the cost of living and of being in practice differences.

    Without knowing what these symptoms are, is it possible that they are not related to his heart. Ergo normal EKG. Another possibility is that the cause of the symptom isn't reflected in a simple EKG. My EkG is almost always normal but I have an abnormal heart beat that absolutely requires medication.


  16. On ‎11‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 9:46 AM, gringal said:

    What is interesting is that the fact that there is a  law on the matter is being ignored and the issue is being debated in this thread as though there were no law at all and it is simply a personal choice.  More than one poster has ridiculed the idea of anyone objecting to dogs being anywhere and everywhere. (Restaurants want that profitable gringo patronage, so they put up with the "entitled" ones.)  True allergies with very nasty symptoms (very real to those who suffer from them) are being compared to perfume and aftershave objections.    What does this say about the discussion/argument?  Plenty, in fact.  The many times this has been hashed and re-hashed on this board have gone .....nowhere at all.

    Maybe we should return to discussing politics, or something. (Beating a dead horse emoji)

    As someone in the medical field, allergies to strong perfume can cause a very serious reaction. Many times the person cannot smell it. Like a smoker often cannot smell cigarettes

    until they stop smoking

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  17. On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 8:21 PM, rafterbr said:

    I have given up on this subject.  It is virtually impossible to go in any restaurant in the Lake Chapala area and not find some one there with their pero.  What makes it worse is they are usually hand feeding the pero from their plate.  I have made my views known on the subject and a few weeks ago I had a new side walk poured.  When I went to check how it had dried I found someone had walked their pero down the middle of it.. I wish some restaurants would post signs that no peros were allowed.  I would certainly frequent them.  

    Dogs may be well groomed but to have a dog where I am eating, I find it disrespectful. Blind guide dogs the exception,  But someone brought into the restaurant two large shepherds. It was fortunate I was about to leave soon, when the dogs shook themselves, hair everywhere. So the dogs do not necessarily have to be at another table. Who wants dog hair in their salad?. 

  18. I have a very good Mexican friend who has a son with scoliosis. They are trying to avoid surgery and swimming has seemed to be quite helpful. Mom holds 3 jobs because dad left. She has another child as well.  It is painful for the young boy to sleep on his current mattress which is old.  Can anyone suggest type, brand, price, and where she might find an appropriate twin mattress for someone with scoliosis. I plan to pay for it.


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