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  1. If we are talking about the new San Antonio Hospital then this is my experience. There is a person designated to discuss this with. She told me they only cover if you have international insurance. Now most of us with medicare  A B D do not qualify . I also have Blue care advantage. I asked why the sign said covers medicare and all these insurance policies. She mentioned that they accept that insurance that vets have.  Anyway I asked if he could tell me if she knoew of any companies that cover expats. Well maybe AARP ,Etna. So I contacted them. Well most of us are middle aged. Premiums were extremely expensive. I was also told deny and preexisting condition even though they do not do actual physicals.

    So maybe some one who has experienced this " we accept most insurances" could enlighten the rest of us. Was also advised against advantage plans and get gap. Really would help the rest of us out.

  2. I have not read all the older posts, so I apologize If this has been covered. I had a conversation with the person who deals with insurance . First the tiny bit of that sign is true ( some medicare supplements will be accepted) I called and spoke with 3 companies. Two will offer a supplement but of course if you are over 70 don't expect to leave anything to anyone in your will. The costs are very high. Next I was told if I called to sign up do not admit to any pre-existing condition. No way you will be able to get coverage. He actually said a computer program is set up to red flag you. Yes that notice at San Antonio Hospital is not true. If anyone finds out anything different, please share.

  3. Good question . I addressed this in a post a while ago. There are 3 levels recognized with certification . Nurse aide, general nurse and licensed registered nurse. Oh yes! # 4 Nurse aides who grandfather themselves in as nurse aides because they took care of a relative.


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  4. I have been going to the gyne -ob doctor at Quality Care for many years. No problem referring her for your second opinion. Dr. Illiana amos Morales,.   Prices are going up all over. Last year's $700 visit is now $800.  I think we are paying for the convenience of not having to necessarily go to Quad for specialists. So I paid $40 US for a full body skin examination. There is a non specialist doctor who charged 1200p and did really nothing but ask questions . That I feel was somewhat overcharge for the service.

  5. On ‎8‎/‎25‎/‎2019 at 1:14 PM, soundman said:

    Slightly off topic.

    I have a friend and she is interested in taking an in depth course as a nurse assistant for helping elderly people.

    She would be very good at that but needs training.

    Is this program still available?

    Lost a lost of help but LCS is looking into one that I contacted to donate my teaching aides and books. Will keep you posted. I will find out that information for you .

  6. The program we ran was successful but we lost a lot of our nurse helpers. Some went back to states or started to do other things.

    There is a program run by U of Guad         and I recently heard of one held on Sundays at LCS.   Let me warn you about UOG . You have to pay for  lot of your materials.  I did help one student by giving her some of my visual aids. IV's, dressings, 

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  7. A group of registered nurses conducted a bi-lingual nurse assistant program about 3 years ago.

    I am posting this because I frequently get emails asking about home care assistance.

    A former student has come upon some real financial hardship, partly because her 

    last employer won't pay her.  In addition to our program, she has two additional years

    studying at UGD.  She has extensive experience with post op and dementia care and will

    willingly help with other chores 

    I do not usually do this but I can say she is capable, dependable and was our best student.

    I am doing this because she does not have a computer, only a cell phone.

    I can give you a resume and several references if you PM me. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, Xena said:

    Lakeside7,  you are absolutely correct. All tradesmen lakeside are rude and inconsiderate. Well, there used to be good ones making a good living here who showed consideration for the immigrants they serviced but they left family, friends, culture, and a really good living to go NOB where they are, of course, welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. I do not understand how anyone reading your OP could fail to understand the logic and reasonableness of what you say. 

    ALL TRADESMEN ARE RUDE...… that unfair and not true. There still are good, considerate and polite  ones and I guess we are lucky we still use them for work. Where does this NOB come from ?  You lump all your negative thoughts to include everyone. Not all apples are red.   If you want to gripe about something consider the quality of some work.  And you have never heard an expat brag how clever he/she was to force the price down. 

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  9. Quote

    I am not defending the honking but I was going the other way and there was a line 26 cars (I counted) backed up so someone could make a turn.There was no way anyone could pass.This I find extremely rude. You can always find a way. Like pulling out onto Carretera  , drive down to turnaround at LaFloresta. Turn on a street and go down to one with a light. .


  10. Today I watched a medium size dog racing after a car, It caught up with it at the light and jumped up on the driver's side. It was racing like crazy but the car got away. I was in tears. I cannot have more than two dogs where I live and I have 2 rescues. If I picked this dog up what would I do with it. ? It looked adoptable but I cannot take a chance that no one would take him/her.     Thanks


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