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  1. I also tried to pm you just now , still unable. Try to pm me and we can see if I can reply
  2. Bravo to Bravo Theater production. This was opening night for the play Mr.Green which was a big hit. Audience applauded every scene enthusiastically.We loved it and encourage those who can to go.
  3. I am assuming you are referring to Cardiologist and not his brother who specializes in gastrointestinal problems. They both are at Quality care
  4. Well I drove past that spot at 9:30 and guess what?, an auto accident!
  5. We have a multiva account and cash Us checks there. First you have to have enough money deposited in their investment accounts, then you must open a checking account. We are able to deposit a US check from USA Chase which eventually gets sent to Banamex. We do this every 3 months.
  6. I am the OP. Had to pen a new account when format changed as it wouldn't regonize me.
  7. No the dog didn't belong to me. It actually belonged to no one anymore. I fed it, walked it with my dogs, got it fixed and put flea medication on it. She and her mother had the run of the lake and a shelter for several years but were starved for affection. You don't have to OWN an animal to become attached.
  8. I am sorry to say that I was told by a reputable person that the dog I was searching for was killed by a car. Feeling a little down right now.
  9. In the mean time, I have some Elmer's , you can use
  10. In the mean time, I have some Elmer's , you can use
  11. Having a security system may or may not deter someone. So I would follow the advise above. Where I live security systems for houses and cars go off regularly and people just say " oh it is someone's alarm". The one I have has been prompt calling me when I have accidentally didn't close something. So have some one designated to call if the alarm goes off.
  12. could it be an ocelot? Ocelot Animal The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively within South America including Mexico. It has been reported as far north as Texas. Wikipedia I guess it doesn't matter. They look and act alike except the ocelot is smaller
  13. I taught along with several Us and Canadian RNs a program for health care aides last year. All students were bi lingual.  I would like to suggest Martin Meza.  He is very responsible, has experience and own transportation.

    331 854 0745  

    Mary Molinari RN

  14. We would have never had trash pick up if we did not pay them each week AND we are still in Ajijic. La Canacinta ( one pick up a week)
  15. I was literally kicked off the site. Said it didn't recognize my post name. Then, of course, it wouldn't let me register again because it said someone had that email. I had to open up another gmail account to sign up.
  16. Another star for Andre. When our car died and had to be towed to Colima . We took a bus to Tonola where he picked us up.
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