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  1. The term Nurses is used differently here than in the US.  A nurse aide ( who may not have any formal education is called a nurse.) There are programs that will give certificates for nurse aides . Still called nurses. Then there is the second level of formally educated persons called General nurses. ( usually educated in places like Guad  about 2yrs. .) Finally you have the college educated LICENSED nurses.( usually 4-5 yrs of college education .

    If someone needs a care giver, they should find out what education and experience they have. If one needs just shopping , cooking and maybe hygiene, this isn't too much of an issue. If one needs more assistance like injections, ambulation etc. or even how to relate to someone with dementia then you need to check the skill level and experience.   I have heard directly someone say the vet told me how to give an injection to my dog.  Really not someone you want giving you insulin.  Things are very different here so use some caution.


    USA registered nurse and professor

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  2. 6 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    ;Exactly my point.  We don't have the right to feel entitled to anything here and vice versa.  At the same time, we make a very substantial financial contribution to this country and any consideration given for that is welcome.

    And my other point is that the backlash NOB didn't occur in a vacuum.  This has been coming for a long time and it drove the last election, like it or not.

    There's a reason for the backlash there, like it or not.  I can only hope cooler heads will prevail at some point.  It seems to me China, which runs a very big trade surplus with this country and a huge one with the U.S. should be of much greater concern.  

    Why is Mexico importing manufactured goods from China that could and should be made here?  The trade deficit of Mexico with China is nearly $50 billion per year.  

    Just a little humor ....my daughter in the states adopted a Chinese baby.  It is the custom to give various workers and care givers a gift. Frustrated she complained that everything she thought to make a nice gift was made in China.

  3. I share your feelings. When curly hair not cut correctly, you want to go into hiding.

    I am glad you mentioned curly. There many good hair dressers here , and people will recommend them and they are good with more simple cuts, really not so skilled with with curly hair.

    One might ask also for a good colorist. Highlights sometimes look like big chunks of colored hair.   Not talking about the colors red, green, purple etc.  Actually look kind of cute  .




  4. Thank you all for your comments


    Ricks....Will be starting on Wednesday.

    TelsZa......You are quite right, very often another side to the story.

    Xena.....I wish people would stop putting  posts that very vague things like " I wish I " or "Have you seen"

    sometimes a tag tells you something about whether you want to read it.

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  5. Reading reviews of her work seemed to be positive. So I went to her for fairly big dental work.

    Then I ran into someone who just ranted how terrible she was and that they took Dr. C to court.

    Now I am a little nervous.

    Please if your comments are positive, post them. If not please pm me.

  6. Someone mentioned that schools and other places do not have defibrillators.

    This came as an email from costco. It lists the cost as $999.00  and will deliver.  Since it was in English, I assume that is US dollars. You buy it on line and they deliver in < 2 weeks. It had 25 responses and was a 4.9

    Member Only Item

    $200 OFF

    $200 manufacturer’s discount is valid 12/23/16 through 1/22/17. While supplies last.

    Shipping & Handling Included

    • Defibrillator with Installed Pads
    • HeartStart Training Pads
    • American Red Cross Deluxe Personal Safety Emergency Pack
    • Wall Mount Bracket
    • Safe, Easy to Use

    An AED or automatic external defibrillator costs between $1,200 and $2,500, according to the American Heart Association[1] and the State of New Hampshire[2] . The cost varies based on the features of the AED, which can include voiced instructions or the ability to perform an EKG, a test that measures heart function, during use.

    There is only one AED that is FDA-approved for home use because of the ease of use. The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator[3] sells for $1,270 and $1,565.


  7. On 12/4/2016 at 7:38 PM, JayBearII said:

    I am in La Canacinta just west of the Oxxo/Pemex in Ajijic, half way down toward the Lake. I am wondering if anyone is using a cell phone service provider that has good coverage in this area? I am with IUSACELL currently, and I have to stand on the back patio to make a call, and even then the reception is not great. When I started the service, they assured me that they were adding transmitters, but that has not happened. I hated TelMex--hopeless service--and hate to think of going back to them.

    I live on La Canacita as well. No problem with AT andT. We live on the lake.

  8. On 12/1/2016 at 5:54 AM, el bartman said:

    Well that's interesting NJ expat because I have both and as of three months ago I had to wait 21 days and Multiva credited my checking account at the US rate of the day.   They have done this for several years.  I'd go to Intercam but every time I go there's a long line up so I don't.   Now I just deposit into my US Dollar account at Actinver.

    Wellll maybe they like me better:lol:

  9. I agree street dogs /cats can be very ski-dish. Long story short we had 2 street ( really lake dogs) living below us for several years. Fortunately Dr. Ladron spayed them. One was killed and the other was so lonely and grieving, she hardly ever came out of a makeshift leanto ( 4years old and never washed) I would bring her food several times a week. Well one day she came up to my door for food so I let her in and fed her and she would leave ( went on for several months)One day she decided not to leave. She layed on hr back and just would not go.She wants so much petting and attention now that she trusts me. So she slept out side on some old towels.  It took several weeks before she would put her paw over the door way and several weeks before she actually came into the house. Not sure she ever saw a house inside. So now she sleeps on a sofa on the veranda. We had her groomed and all the shots since we have 2 other dogs.  They pretty much ignore her and she seems to be accepting who is the alpha dog.   If I had not been feeding her for months, I think the process would have been much slower.

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