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  1. I don't do not know what issue you have with Spencer, but I think that was unfair. If you hadn't mentioned his name, I think you would have had a lot of recommendations. But the biggest problem I have with your post is that Spencer gives us updates and advises people for FREE on this web board. He doesn't say "come to my office" and will discuss it ( for a fee).
  2. Checking expiration dates is a good practice at any store. I have found cottage cheese 2 weeks past time. I mentioned it, just a nod of reply and the next week it was 2 days until expiration. Quite a while ago Superlake was being discussed regarding the turning down the freezers at night. This too is a common practice. But when I saw twice that ice cream had crystallized, I decided to buy dairy products elsewhere
  3. I wrote on the other post that I was pleased with the hair cut from Susannas. I especially liked the coloring. She will listen to you. If I thought something should be shorter she complied. Just make yourself clear. I have regular curly hair . I was going to bring a picture but forgot. I would question if she tips the girl who washes hair. I tipped her, then saw Susanna give her one. I do not know Rosario.
  4. I went to Suzannahs and am pleased with the cut and color. The only thing is you have to be patient because even though she speaks English,( the only one) our terminology isn't always the same. So it took some time explaining what I wanted. Now for the first wash and trying to make it look this good.
  5. Please get tags with dog name and your phone number. That is how I got mine back, plus a picture,
  6. I have referred to MLS often. Biggest turn off? 10 of the 12 pictures are of the outside, or same thing at different angles, pictures are real orange looking( who takes these?). Misinformation "( 1 floor and actually2). What other sites are there?
  7. Someone left his/her keys at Dr. Candy's office. They claim they have been there a while, If you lost them, you know where to go.
  8. But they are so creepy looking and move very fast
  9. Just a note about private care. I am very familiar with assisted living and full care here. Nurse assistants are hesitant to work at nursing homes if they think the pay is too low, but some need that experience to find agency work. The biggest problem with home care is that it isn't steady. People get better, leave the country, go into a nursing care facility or pass away so they don't have work unless someone recommends them or they hear of a need. Often the care giver will have to work a second job. The lucky ones get to work for an agency such as Lydia's.
  10. Ok , I have an appointment with Susannahs on Friday. Will report back.....either positive or I'll be the one in a turban. I felt uncomfortable as well at Dario's and hair cut más o menos
  11. Harry, Having direct contact is good advice. But many people don't know a "real" licensed nurse from a nurse.
  12. The term Nurses is used differently here than in the US. A nurse aide ( who may not have any formal education is called a nurse.) There are programs that will give certificates for nurse aides . Still called nurses. Then there is the second level of formally educated persons called General nurses. ( usually educated in places like Guad about 2yrs. .) Finally you have the college educated LICENSED nurses.( usually 4-5 yrs of college education . If someone needs a care giver, they should find out what education and experience they have. If one needs just shopping , cooking and maybe hygiene, this isn't too much of an issue. If one needs more assistance like injections, ambulation etc. or even how to relate to someone with dementia then you need to check the skill level and experience. I have heard directly someone say the vet told me how to give an injection to my dog. Really not someone you want giving you insulin. Things are very different here so use some caution. USA registered nurse and professor
  13. Just a little humor ....my daughter in the states adopted a Chinese baby. It is the custom to give various workers and care givers a gift. Frustrated she complained that everything she thought to make a nice gift was made in China.
  14. I share your feelings. When curly hair not cut correctly, you want to go into hiding. I am glad you mentioned curly. There many good hair dressers here , and people will recommend them and they are good with more simple cuts, really not so skilled with with curly hair. One might ask also for a good colorist. Highlights sometimes look like big chunks of colored hair. Not talking about the colors red, green, purple etc. Actually look kind of cute .
  15. Isn't Dr. George a podiatrist. ? He use to be next to Integrity.
  16. Well so far so good! Thanks for your comments
  17. that is your immigration form when returning, along with your RT card and your passport. And if by any chance you drive back, make sure you give this to the border agent.
  18. Thank you all for your comments Ricks....Will be starting on Wednesday. TelsZa......You are quite right, very often another side to the story. Xena.....I wish people would stop putting posts that very vague things like " I wish I " or "Have you seen" sometimes a tag tells you something about whether you want to read it.
  19. Reading reviews of her work seemed to be positive. So I went to her for fairly big dental work. Then I ran into someone who just ranted how terrible she was and that they took Dr. C to court. Now I am a little nervous. Please if your comments are positive, post them. If not please pm me.
  20. Not really! After I was robbed, I went to the pawn shop by Sorriano. He said the things were probably on their way to Guad.
  21. Dr. Peralta from Quality Care is a respiratory specialist. He helps my husband who is asthmatic and allergic to several things. He is happy with him. I had the blood test done for allergies. ( no more in pricks) Quality Care 766 1870
  22. Someone mentioned that schools and other places do not have defibrillators. This came as an email from costco. It lists the cost as $999.00 and will deliver. Since it was in English, I assume that is US dollars. You buy it on line and they deliver in < 2 weeks. It had 25 responses and was a 4.9 Member Only Item $200 OFF $200 manufacturer’s discount is valid 12/23/16 through 1/22/17. While supplies last. Shipping & Handling Included Features: Defibrillator with Installed Pads HeartStart Training Pads American Red Cross Deluxe Personal Safety Emergency Pack Wall Mount Bracket Safe, Easy to Use An AED or automatic external defibrillator costs between $1,200 and $2,500, according to the American Heart Association[1] and the State of New Hampshire[2] . The cost varies based on the features of the AED, which can include voiced instructions or the ability to perform an EKG, a test that measures heart function, during use. There is only one AED that is FDA-approved for home use because of the ease of use. The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator[3] sells for $1,270 and $1,565.
  23. I live on La Canacita as well. No problem with AT andT. We live on the lake.
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