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  1. 11 hours ago, El Cartero said:

    I have always hired Brad Grieve to do a home inspection on property I've purchased. 

    I would absolutely have a reputable inspector.  Our "trustworthy" realtor  was doing us a favor and got some Mexican to do it. We were sooo new to this and trusted her. She read it in Spanish saying this or that was ok.  The "inspector " never went up to the roof. Too many things to enumerate. but $$$$$ could have been saved.

  2. 8 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    Why would you pay 300 pesos for a crappy bucket job car wash when a wash and interior cleaning costs 80-90 pesos plus tip?

    Best bet is to simply avoid these people.  That way your car finish won't get scratched from being "cleaned" with dirty water and rags.


    I had a VW rabbit for 7 years. Everywhere I was asked about a car wash, I would ask how much?  Most would say between 30-50.  I would counter with but that is a "small" car. I would point to it and say chico. Most laughed and I ended up paying 5 p less.  It was more of a game. They figured that or nothing. If it was very well done I'd pay the 5p.  Also I always asked about the water and made them show me where they got the water and look into the pail.

  3. 1 hour ago, sm1mex said:

    She is reasonable and guarantees her work.  She has built a great reputation here.  She is located just west of HSBC and the sushi place across from WalMart. She goes to continuing education every year over seas.  She has been to S. Korea, Italy and this year she is going to education in China.  She leaves April 4 so see her soon.

    Dr Candy is great and knowledgeable practioner.  Oh, I didn't see the rest of your post.  Have any idea how long she will be gone.?

  4. 22 hours ago, TelsZ4 said:

                                           "YES" to airboats on the lake.      

    It would be a great thing to have on the lake...I would luv to take a ride on it..

    But I doubt it would be financially viable, Also there are so many gringos it this town who hate to see others having any fun.. They would be trying to get up a  petition to ban it from the lake... The noise police would be patrolling the shore line with their IPhone noise meters... 

    Obviously you don't live on or near the lake. Banning it has absolutely no relationship to people having fun., it is all about the noise.  Have you ever heard one???

  5. Just a warning! if you come across anyone who claims to have solved the problem...be careful.  We were told this new procedure was the best.  Little holes were drilled all along the wall. Then some gunk was put into the holes,ostensibly to form a barrier. Within 6 mos....all places affected again.   oh yes, they painted the inside of the house with outside paint.

  6. 7 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

    Then he writes an email to RV Gringo proving he is a malignant bully. Shameful. If he writes anything like that to me I will definitely be meeting with him behind Joe Bidens barn and woodpile.

    Coldwell Banker should force MC to have a byline which says "The opinions of this poster do not represent the opinions of Coldwell Banker (and by the way - now is a great time to buy property!)"


    Absolutely a RIGHT ON link.  I have felt this was true a long time ago. Fit the symptoms perfectly.....and now ???????

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  7. On 2/24/2017 at 10:21 AM, IMBurnen said:

    Anyone very happy with the immigration work their lawyer has done for them? Thanks.

    I don't do not know what issue you have with Spencer, but I think that was unfair.

    If you hadn't mentioned his name, I think you would have had a lot of recommendations. 

    But the biggest problem I have with your post is that Spencer gives us updates and advises people for FREE on this web board. He doesn't say "come to my office" and will discuss it ( for a fee).

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  8. Checking expiration dates is a good practice at any store. I have found cottage cheese 2 weeks past time. I mentioned it, just a nod of reply and the next week it was 2 days until expiration.  Quite a while ago Superlake was being discussed regarding the turning down the freezers at night. This too is a common practice. But when I saw twice that ice cream had crystallized, I decided to buy dairy products elsewhere

  9. I wrote on the other post that I was pleased with the hair cut from Susannas. I especially  liked the coloring.  She will listen to you. If I thought something should be shorter she complied. Just make yourself clear.  I have regular curly hair .

    I was going to bring a picture but forgot.   I would question if she tips the girl who washes hair. I tipped her, then saw Susanna give her one.

    I do not know Rosario.



  10. 14 hours ago, SmartTraveller said:

    Well, I actually do know how the business works as I have worked very successfully as a realtor. 10 days and no photography until we complained?  Unacceptable!

     I have referred to MLS often. Biggest turn off? 10 of the 12 pictures are of the outside, or same thing at different angles, pictures are real orange looking( who takes these?). Misinformation "( 1 floor and actually2). 

    What other sites are there?

  11. Just a note about private care. I am very familiar with assisted living and full care here.  Nurse assistants are hesitant to work at nursing homes if they think the pay is too low, but some need that experience to find agency work.  The biggest problem with home care is that it isn't steady. People get better, leave the country, go into a nursing care facility or pass away so they don't have work unless someone recommends them or they hear of a need. Often the care giver will have to work a second job.  The lucky ones get to work for an agency such as Lydia's.

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