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  1. Does anyone know who to contact to find out if or who has concession rights to the Federal Zone land along the lake? I know the rules for Federal land. Just want to know if someone has them below on our street.
  2. I guess we are fairly lucky. Living 10 years on the block as an eventos, maybe 3 times has music ever gone beyond 1 am. Actually this is not a gated community but we occasionally get " the kids" here to party at dad's. Police called twice, music went down , then right up again until a neighbor pulled out the electric meter. So at 4 am all was quite
  3. Remember the term nurse is used here from nurse aide to real licensed nurse. It sounds like the need is for a male aide. Agencies do cost more as do real nurses. I would try Suegarn first. I know a bit about nurse aides. If the first name begins with an M. private post me.
  4. The most effective way we found is lavender. Cutter ants love roses. Since planting lavender ...all roses ok. Our orange tree is another matter. We wrapped the lower part of the tree tightly in foil and put motor oil . Sometimes the oil dries out so I am going to plant lavender there as well. We tried powders, and pellets and sprays. This was the only thing that worked. The nests are so far down in the ground that preventing them to attack seemed better for us then trying to kill them later.
  5. Glad you found this. My error @ 2am thanks. I can give directions later in the day.
  6. Love in Action, children shelter. Clothing for men, women & children 50% discount entire store Starts April 25th 10-3pm Pedro Moreno # 76,Chapala mycasa17@gmail.com if you need directions 3 full rooms of clothes, most from consignment stores
  7. Well after many Easters ,living on the lake ( west end) what we found that people came on Thursday or Friday, set up camp . Music, eating , kids in water etc. until Saturday eve. Then they ALL left. I imagine to go to their respective churches. But the following week we still have some come back. Today Chapala was so energetic, people everywhere. While the traffic was a pain, going slowly gave me the opportunity to people watch. Do not think I want to be part of Friday's crowd. Very Very good for restaurants, food and merchandise vendors.
  8. Would like the recommendation of a nutritionist to help with meal planning for a common condition. (not diabetes) Would not want herbalist or someone who relies on alternative products. Just plain old food available here.
  9. by the title ,you are probably thinking I am looking for someone to refinish some furniture. Well no, this may seem like an unusual request, but a friend of mine loves to work with furniture and has made some. I told her I would ask on the web board. Does anyone know of any place where she might be able to do this. She might feel a bit out of place at Have Hammers. If you want to personally contact her, you can PM me.
  10. Dr. Valenzuela prefers to do the surgery and Dr Briseno, medical aspects. Dr, V operated on me and Dr. B has taken over medical. Yes, they work well together .If you want to see Dr B. make sure you ask for Daniel. My first appointment, they scheduled me for his brother the cardiologist/
  11. I would absolutely have a reputable inspector. Our "trustworthy" realtor was doing us a favor and got some Mexican to do it. We were sooo new to this and trusted her. She read it in Spanish saying this or that was ok. The "inspector " never went up to the roof. Too many things to enumerate. but $$$$$ could have been saved.
  12. I had a VW rabbit for 7 years. Everywhere I was asked about a car wash, I would ask how much? Most would say between 30-50. I would counter with but that is a "small" car. I would point to it and say chico. Most laughed and I ended up paying 5 p less. It was more of a game. They figured that or nothing. If it was very well done I'd pay the 5p. Also I always asked about the water and made them show me where they got the water and look into the pail.
  13. Dr Candy is great and knowledgeable practioner. Oh, I didn't see the rest of your post. Have any idea how long she will be gone.?
  14. But they do drive on the carretera. I have to keep watching for motor bikes, bicycles ( one hit me and I was stopped at a light) now golf carts. Back streets and cyclopista sounds good.
  15. Obviously you don't live on or near the lake. Banning it has absolutely no relationship to people having fun., it is all about the noise. Have you ever heard one???
  17. Apparently when we first arrived, there was an air boat and it made deafening noise. Then somehow it was destroyed or disabled
  18. Just a warning! if you come across anyone who claims to have solved the problem...be careful. We were told this new procedure was the best. Little holes were drilled all along the wall. Then some gunk was put into the holes,ostensibly to form a barrier. Within 6 mos....all places affected again. oh yes, they painted the inside of the house with outside paint.
  19. Absolutely a RIGHT ON link. I have felt this was true a long time ago. Fit the symptoms perfectly.....and now ???????
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