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  1. 7 hours ago, jraschko said:

    I dont believe anyone is attacking Anita. We are dealing with the situation by rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard dirty work. If you've never been to the shelter, especially recently, then I don't believe you are one to criticize. 

    No not attacking, If the shelter looks neglected then it could be she hasn't been there. Most of your posting is how the "transition team" is going to clean it up, get the dreadfully sick animals well . Nothing to indicate why you and the team are even doing this.  Very little mention of all the years of Anita's kindness and sacrifice for the animals, the fact she would take a disabled dog or cat because it was a shelter.  . A cleaner place would certainly better but these posts of you and the team making everything so much better, does reflect on Anita and her volunteers and doesn't make you seem like very warm or caring person, just judgmental.


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  2. On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 1:30 PM, jraschko said:

    One of our team has been a faithful volunteer of Anita's for a year. The rest of the team are newbies to the area. No one has denigrated anyone's work that I know of. Anita's organization did what they could and it was thanks to the volunteers they had. We are grateful for the work done up until now. The transition team is working very hard to clean up the shelter and save the animals. I would prefer to put my focus on that instead of responding to negativity. We have limited time for AAC's. Anonymous Armchair Critics. If you have real concerns please PM me. I will do my best to address them. 

    No I am not going to PM you. I have been there several times recently and since you have all this experience, maybe you can share what experience this "transition " team has. Who will foster the kittens that are only 4 days old? Oh, that's right , you just won't take them.  Who will take a sick animal to a vet if one can't come.   Who is the one designated the boss ? And the dogs  or cats who are not  adoptable??  A blind dog? an animal with 3 legs? an old animal that cannot get around well?  What happens to them? "There will be tough decisions ahead for the existing animals as well as future intake". No kill right???  I was up there recently and there was at least 7 weeks of food. So they are not starving.  Is there going to be 24 hr watch?

    Does the transition team own your new shelter?  All you seem to speak to is cleaning up and diseased animals ".Diseases that are rampant there".  Really ? bit of an exaggeration.!!!  You cannot condemn the whole shelter if a few animals get sick. You have secret revenue sources so you are not accountable to anyone. If you plan on being an AC , you will have to account financially.I know she had quit a few pesos I never worked at the shelter but was a close friend of Anita's and adopted a clean, neutered dog who had all the shots.

    Your whole approach is offensive.....more an attack on Anita and the condition of the shelter ( which is questionable) Well white knights it is yours now.


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  3. On ‎6‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 5:32 PM, ned small said:

    Good grief! An Optician is merely a tech that makes eyewear and cannot provide you with what you want legally or otherwise. See an Ophthalmologist or at the very least an Optometrist. An Ophthalmologist will charge you about 600p for PROPER testing like Dr. Claudia above the immigration office in Chapala who uses state of the art equipment  and attends at seminars in Europe, US and Canada. Just got back from one in Austria. Her English is perfect.

    Another vote for Dr. Claudia. When I get cataracts she will be the one to operate on me.


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  4. On ‎6‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 8:00 AM, cafemediterraneo said:

    we walked in after shopping inside and the cashier left. we had to have her paged in order to purchase our items. she didn't seem to care that there were potential customers/thieves in the shop or whether she kept us and others waiting. guess we shouldn't have expected anything more from walmart customer service...

    Also most of the time  you get what you pay for. A drink bottle with a straw 1.79p   Straw doesn't fit.  I guess this is the merchandise that is " slightly " damaged.

  5. On ‎6‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 7:26 PM, betty7 said:

    many people agree w/me about GR. that is why the posts get "likes" naive to think they are not self serving. to find out about the legal system in mex, dont count on GR. as for discriptions about some expats? not too much different than other comments in the past. the city hall is corrupt, doesnt do a anything for ajijic. now THAT is fact. i stand by what i say. i wrote this @ same time MC was writting. great minds think alike. my style is a tad more edgy. ;)

    Mexico News Daily
    Mexico News Daily's profile photoDoes anyone read this? To my mind it is very fair reporting. Since I cannot read a Spanish publication, this works well for me. BUT it is unnerving to read about all the killing and corruption in the other parts of Mexico. Sometimes makes me feel as if I am on an island that is not well protected.
  6. Well, here at  the west end of Ajijic ,we were told  no collection unless we bring to the end of street and only on Saturday. It was our understanding trash would have to be brought to a corner if the truck had no way to turn around.  .A neighbor worked out a deal 10 years ago wherein they would ring a bell and we pay some pesos and voila !  Still no turn around but trash picked up.So this has worked for 10 years

  7. In all of this discussion the topic of pharmacy was never addressed. It is very important. In many Us states there are computer systems that pick up incompatible medications or wrong dosage. I know there was a movement to connect the different pharmacy chains with the data since some people would get one medication at one place and another with a different group.     Here my experience has been that the larger pharmacies have qualified people than smaller express pharmacies.  At one discount pharmacy, I have experienced two wrong medications dispensed. I always look them up.  One time could have been very dangerous. A medication ordered for a gastric problem turned out to be an antihypertensive. Not only am I taking a antihypertensive for a heart rhythm but I have normally a low blood pressure.

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  8. On ‎5‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 10:24 AM, TelsZ4 said:

    Dental Express is the cheapest in town, so you can draw own conclusions from that.

    Like a lot of dentists and medical physicians  etc.  There are those who are praised and not really liked at all.   The Dental Express is in a different position because there is more than one practioner.. I am one that wished I had had a different dentist assigned to me.  Not mentioned here.

  9. I guess we are fairly lucky. Living 10 years on the block as an eventos, maybe 3 times has music ever gone beyond 1 am.  Actually this is not a gated community but we occasionally get " the kids" here to party at dad's. Police called twice, music went down , then right up again until a neighbor pulled out the electric meter.  So at 4 am all was quite -_-

  10. Remember the term nurse is used here from nurse aide to real licensed nurse. 

    It sounds like the need is for a male aide.  Agencies do cost more as do real nurses. I would try Suegarn first.

    I know a bit about nurse aides. If the first name begins with an M. private post me.


  11. The most effective way we found is lavender. Cutter ants love roses. Since planting lavender ...all roses ok.   Our orange tree is another matter. We wrapped the lower part of the tree tightly in foil and put motor oil . Sometimes the oil dries out so I am going to plant lavender there as well.  We tried powders, and pellets and sprays. This was the only thing that worked.  The nests are so far down in the ground that preventing them to attack seemed better for us then trying to kill them later.


  12. On ‎4‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 5:14 PM, RickS said:

    Will these Semana Santa crowds 'leave' after Sunday/Easter?  Or is this expected to be the normal all next week? 


    Well after many Easters ,living on the lake ( west end) what we found that people came on Thursday or Friday, set up camp . Music, eating , kids in water etc. until Saturday eve.

    Then they ALL left. I imagine to go to their respective churches.    But the following week we still have some come back.  Today Chapala was so energetic, people everywhere.

    While the traffic was a pain, going slowly gave me the opportunity to people watch.  Do not think I want to be part of Friday's crowd.   Very Very good for restaurants, food and merchandise vendors.

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  13. by the title ,you are probably thinking I am looking for someone to refinish some furniture.  Well no, this may seem like an unusual request, but a friend of mine loves to work with furniture and has made some.  I told her I would ask on the web board.  Does anyone know of any place where she might be able to do this.  She might feel a bit out of place at Have  Hammers. If you want to personally contact her, you can PM me.

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