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  1. I think everyone was has hit on all the critical things to consider. One contractor seemed to be well recommended.

    Stay away from Steve Warwick  and Rudy who "contracts" but main business is tile, granite  etc.. Details if you want, but I do think you have a lot more than we did. So many things had to be "redone" 

  2. I think your first suggestion was the better one. thanks!!
  3. The Lake seems to be attracting more people. There are definitely more boats. Federal land lies between water and property. Can anyone tell me if there are 3 levels of concession rights? It also seems to take a lot of time to find out if someone has the concession rights below one's property.
  4. Agree! The question was what would like to see added or changed or improved. Why is it when someone in good faith answers, they are ridiculed. Nothing better to do? I would like to see traffic lights work all the time, especially near Pranza. Like most, better sidewalks and a thorough look at ALL the side streets that are crumbling as well as the big holes that hold water and breed mesquites. Oh yes, please clean the arroyos. Maybe strategically placed trash cans ( that would be emptied ) and secured to encourage people to put trash in the can.
  5. I am afraid Quality care does not have one at the moment. I was commenting on how many new doctors they have and was told getting a psychiatrist was hard. Their sign is etched with doctors names and hasn't been updated. Maybe the one they thought was coming will come eventually
  6. I am currently being treated by Dr. Luis Garcia N. @ quality care. So far what he orders makes sense. BTW even though many of the Quality care specialists only come once or twice a week. They are very responsive to calls. Little slower on email because of the quantity they get. I also like the fact that the doctors confer with each other.
  7. Received your message but does that mean you want the chair?    Don't want it?  Don't want to make a donation?

    I am fine with whatever you decide.  It wasn't clear to me what you were saying.


  8. If anyone knows Maria Crane or if she uses this board please contact me. I have found your driver's license
  9. Humm Lets see now. Your really low ball offer to Anita was refused. So you took all her books and the clothing she use to sell and 11 more dogs cannot be account for. If you didn't own the property , how could you legally dispose of Anita's things? So you are distancing yourself. Who is doing the work to home these animals? They should have records updated. Did you leave the dogs well groomed? Or are you just going to show off 11 dogs . The criticism you received you brought upon yourself. If you had explained who you were what your plans were, people could understand/. But you started with very unkind and undeserving and inaccurate statements about Anita's shelter. We are not stupid, most of us knew they were not true.. But the best part was your comments about euthanizing the animals. Many people here have rescued animals that sustained an injury. You always knew Anita would help until the animal was well. Now there is a big void! If you were so concerned , why didn't you try advertising to see if there would be any others who might want to take over?
  10. The manager's name is Brenda and will be helpful.
  11. No not attacking, If the shelter looks neglected then it could be she hasn't been there. Most of your posting is how the "transition team" is going to clean it up, get the dreadfully sick animals well . Nothing to indicate why you and the team are even doing this. Very little mention of all the years of Anita's kindness and sacrifice for the animals, the fact she would take a disabled dog or cat because it was a shelter. . A cleaner place would certainly better but these posts of you and the team making everything so much better, does reflect on Anita and her volunteers and doesn't make you seem like very warm or caring person, just judgmental.
  12. No I am not going to PM you. I have been there several times recently and since you have all this experience, maybe you can share what experience this "transition " team has. Who will foster the kittens that are only 4 days old? Oh, that's right , you just won't take them. Who will take a sick animal to a vet if one can't come. Who is the one designated the boss ? And the dogs or cats who are not adoptable?? A blind dog? an animal with 3 legs? an old animal that cannot get around well? What happens to them? "There will be tough decisions ahead for the existing animals as well as future intake". No kill right??? I was up there recently and there was at least 7 weeks of food. So they are not starving. Is there going to be 24 hr watch? Does the transition team own your new shelter? All you seem to speak to is cleaning up and diseased animals ".Diseases that are rampant there". Really ? bit of an exaggeration.!!! You cannot condemn the whole shelter if a few animals get sick. You have secret revenue sources so you are not accountable to anyone. If you plan on being an AC , you will have to account financially.I know she had quit a few pesos I never worked at the shelter but was a close friend of Anita's and adopted a clean, neutered dog who had all the shots. Your whole approach is offensive.....more an attack on Anita and the condition of the shelter ( which is questionable) Well white knights it is yours now.
  13. Another vote for Dr. Claudia. When I get cataracts she will be the one to operate on me.
  14. Also most of the time you get what you pay for. A drink bottle with a straw 1.79p Straw doesn't fit. I guess this is the merchandise that is " slightly " damaged.
  15. Funny I was just there asking for the same thing and they said no...didn't carry it.
  16. Mexico News Daily Does anyone read this? To my mind it is very fair reporting. Since I cannot read a Spanish publication, this works well for me. BUT it is unnerving to read about all the killing and corruption in the other parts of Mexico. Sometimes makes me feel as if I am on an island that is not well protected. publisher@mexiconewsdaily.com
  17. Well, here at the west end of Ajijic ,we were told no collection unless we bring to the end of street and only on Saturday. It was our understanding trash would have to be brought to a corner if the truck had no way to turn around. .A neighbor worked out a deal 10 years ago wherein they would ring a bell and we pay some pesos and voila ! Still no turn around but trash picked up.So this has worked for 10 years
  18. I contacted the concierge service across the street from old el Sarape for house and pet sitting. Has anyone ever used their service?
  19. In all of this discussion the topic of pharmacy was never addressed. It is very important. In many Us states there are computer systems that pick up incompatible medications or wrong dosage. I know there was a movement to connect the different pharmacy chains with the data since some people would get one medication at one place and another with a different group. Here my experience has been that the larger pharmacies have qualified people than smaller express pharmacies. At one discount pharmacy, I have experienced two wrong medications dispensed. I always look them up. One time could have been very dangerous. A medication ordered for a gastric problem turned out to be an antihypertensive. Not only am I taking a antihypertensive for a heart rhythm but I have normally a low blood pressure.
  20. Like a lot of dentists and medical physicians etc. There are those who are praised and not really liked at all. The Dental Express is in a different position because there is more than one practioner.. I am one that wished I had had a different dentist assigned to me. Not mentioned here.
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