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  1. You could write books about dialects and languages. I know we have a different dialect than the Southerners in the US. But we still understand each other. We say cough ee for coffee. But people know what we mean. People in New York and New Jersey wouldn't try to make you say it as they do. There is one word that rankles us though. New Joysee . aghh
  2. You could write books about dialects and languages. I know we have a different dialect than the Southerners in the US. But we still understand each other. We say cough ee for coffee. But people know what we mean. People in New York and New Jersey wouldn't try to make you say it as they do. There is one word that rankles us though. New Joysee . aghh
  3. You certainly can go to the office and make an appointment by going to Quality care. He is my cardiologist and I do that all the time.
  4. The cheap ones you get at the pharmacy are indeed pretty useless, especially if they get wet. If we do get the bad virus, you need a much better mask. Oh by the way even with out the corona virus.......maybe someone can tell the people working in the bakeries at Sorriana and Walmart that it serves no purpose to just wear the mask at the mouth with the nose exposed. Bacteria and viruses are more likely to be inhaled thru the nose than the mouth. I tried, but they look at me like I am from Mars
  5. It may be that the masks that people are wearing bought in a local pharmacy are not that effective . When they get wet, they are no longer useful. You really need the more protective ones. And by the way......let all the people that work in the bakeries at Walmart and Sorriano....to pull the mask over their nose. I am surprised they don't now they can breath in bacteria and viruses. A menu is one of the dirtiest items you can touch . As is the salt and pepper shakers. Bottom of purses, door handles, railings, ( think of the bus) No hugging or shaking hands.Think of board games. Just a few things we do not think about with even with the normal flu. There are just so many many ways to pick up bad bugs.
  6. I agree Farmacia has decent prices. I go to Christina's because they really seem to know what they are doing. One picked up a dangerous error on my script. Not crazy about Guad Pharmacies. Word of caution......be very careful at the big discount pharmacies. Look it up first on Google. Twice I received the wrong medication.Once I didn't check and I became extremely hypotensive because I was given a anti-hypertensive instead of a GI drug.( the generics looked similar) I already take a low dose of one for a heart problem. My Bp is normally 110/80 or less. I was so hypotensive , I could not stand, the room was twirling around etc.
  7. I do not know of an individual but there is a diagnostic clinic across from Quality care. My caution would be to find a radiologist , not a general practitioner. If all else fails have a specialist in the area in question read it
  8. How is an emergency vehicle going to get any where when the traffic is almost bumper to bumper? The cars cannot get out of the way because of the barriers , same on the other side. Large delay for police response and could be life threatening as the ambulance sits in traffic lights and horns going. Honest to God.......where do these engineers come from?
  9. Well they better have some lessons in masking. It drives me wild to see people wearing masks half mast. They always seem to have the mask beneath their nose Especially in the bakeries at Walmart and Sorriano. No one thinks the bad bugs will go into their nose when they inhale.😷
  10. We have known Jimmy for over 11 years, this is a shock. Te amamos Jimmy, te echaremos mucho de menos
  11. I agree with all of you. Of course I am always going the wrong way when I pass some place I would like to go to. I don't want to hold up the traffic behind me and listen to the symphony of horns either. So much of the congestion is someone wanting to make a turn across traffic. Some people are very considerate but many are not. There they are crawling a 15m /hr and won't let some one pass through. I was going to the hard ware by the Oxxo and chicken place. I was euphoric when I saw the parking lot next to the chicken place, where the clients for the hardware could park ( free). Why cannot we have more parking lots ? Charge some small amount. BTW. This may sound a bit ignorant but what are the square holes in the cement going to be used for?
  12. Sure!!! What is the matter with bringing your own reusable bag?? They hardly cost anything. I even keep a small cooler in the car. I purchased reusable metal straws and carry a medium container in case I have left overs at a restaurant. If I forget my bags, I just do not have my purchase bagged and bag it when I get to my car. Admittedly this would be difficult if one uses a bus. Just do not understand why there is so much resistance.. I will admit, I do not know where the trash goes but I am doing what I can. In Michigan we had bottle and can refund. It certainly helped keep the streets cleaner.
  13. We were walking our dogs on the Libramiento . We were crossing the street at Vista Alegre. We always look both ways.a). We were crossing past the last tope and were missed by a hair's length by a car riding illegally on the right side of the topes. We had not seen him because he just pulled out of the tope line and decided to pass the rest of the topes. I am sure crossing at Walmart would be safe.
  14. The cutter ants were attacking my orange tree. It was recommended to cover the base with foil and grease it with car oil. . That worked great until I saw the leaves again being eaten. It appeared a branch of the tree was so low it touched the ground....yup they found it and up the tree. They also destroyed 5 of my 6 rosebushes. . We were told to find poop dropping from other nests as they won't go near another nest. That worked but rain diluted it and we didn't pay attention until too late. We tried the powder, pellets even house aerosol ant killer. Stuck it into the hole . Worked little while but I guess the survivors rebuilt. The best one for us was the foil and grease. We just need to pay more attention.
  15. I have not read the material on this "aging in Place " But I am familiar with certain ones in US. It is true you progress from independence to possibly needing more complex care, but many of the extras are not included and you must pay for them. i.e. nursing assistance. One place I knew of charged a large amount . And then rent . When you died they returned all. It isn't illegal but the company had your money to invest for itself all the time you were there. Not blaming them, but I would ask every question you can. Is transportation free? food? will the rent go up? How is medical needs handled. I know someone who plans to go there and raved about all the things that were included. I say included doesn't equate to free. This place may turn out to be great place. I would just ask every question you can think of and see it in writing. Is the rent "reasonable because you do not get all your money back?
  16. I am just getting over the flu but with residual symptoms. the FLU is the worse .
  17. Psychotherapists is an umbrella term for health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, or professional counselors.
  18. I will have to agree to disagree. Psychiatrists may do extensive therapy but not very often. They do work with psychologists.
  19. What I find interesting is that the poster gave his opinion about the show and all the replies were about the poster. No one mentioned the show.
  20. I had a problem mailing two Christmas cards last year. They were for grandchildren and the cards made music. I received them back, torn open the mechanism smashed and the letters scotch taped back together. My guess is they thought I was ending something illegal but they could have just opened and looked. So be careful you don't send anything bumpy by letter.
  21. You are not all THAT wrong. Typically a psychiatrist does an assessment and determines the initially diagnosis and treatment. Psychologists who often are the ones who do the follow up therapy...can not order medications. The two should be working together. But there are very few psychiatrists that get involved in therapy sessions.
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