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  1. I second Dr. Daniela, I have had a skin condition for decades and treated with one medication. Went to Dermika because I couldn't get it here and was ordered 4 medications which were not cheap but remember they have their own pharmacy,
  2. If you are new, joining even short term . You might get a copy of the LCS publication Conneciones. Very informative
  3. Yes they do breathalyzers. I was directed last Sunday to go off the street to the right. I thought , probably more construction or an accident. So I stopped and waited, I was exasperatedly told to turn radio off and roll down the window. So I did and out came the little machine , so I blew and No Alcohol I was the waved on through this narrow maze of orange cones. I saw they were doing it near Black Coffee. I also saw 2 cars impounded parked on the tow truck.
  4. Qua Ganga , a bazar sponsored by LCS is closing permanently . Right now anyone can fill a bag for 20p. . We provide the bag. Anything large such as a mirror would be 2 bags so 20p. Starts Monday LCS is offering any charitable bazar free access to any clothes they may want. If you are representing a charitable bazar, please personal message me and I will record your information such as name and contact person . And send you a charitable pass. mycasa17@gmail.com. This will start Tuesday. Personal clothing will still be 20p
  5. I have a rug I would liked cleaned and have used Spring Clean in the past. I have called several times and no answer. I used the phone number in the LCS book . The rug can be taken out for cleaning. It is one of those that look like thick cotton that you often see hanging with a variety of woven rugs
  6. Ferret,

    I am quite familiar with what happens in US and here. Main thing is to have a trusted doctor. One issue that people seem to be afraid of is pain relief medications will make them addicted. Yes, I know but people do not always think that through. The other is NO extraordinary  measures.   This has to be clarified. A person with say lung cancer is terminal but a tumor is pressing on some area of the body causing excruciating pain. I would op for the removal of what is causing the pain and not consider it extra ordinary. I would call it pain control. I have written up my own advanced directives and tried to be very explicit. 

  7. I have to send two medium size packages to the US. Which is the better in terms of cost and reliability? DSL, Fed EX or UPS....thanks
  8. I agree, Having a good day is an individual experience . So this is was his good day. Just be happy for him and have your own good days.
  9. There are so many doctors that everyone knows by first name , especially female, it is safe to list the whole name. Wait until you see how many Garcia's there are.
  10. If we are talking about the new San Antonio Hospital then this is my experience. There is a person designated to discuss this with. She told me they only cover if you have international insurance. Now most of us with medicare A B D do not qualify . I also have Blue care advantage. I asked why the sign said covers medicare and all these insurance policies. She mentioned that they accept that insurance that vets have. Anyway I asked if he could tell me if she knoew of any companies that cover expats. Well maybe AARP ,Etna. So I contacted them. Well most of us are middle aged. Premiums were extremely expensive. I was also told deny and preexisting condition even though they do not do actual physicals. So maybe some one who has experienced this " we accept most insurances" could enlighten the rest of us. Was also advised against advantage plans and get gap. Really would help the rest of us out.
  11. I thought I messaged you that I have a Fahrenheit thermometer. They even make them digital. Message me if you want my glass one.
  12. Well, I certainly didn't think we would end up in this direction. Personally, I find it easier to speak in Spanish than rite it😄
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