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  1. Newjersey expat


    Just one more comment: Animals!! Because rentals are in such demand, many owners will not allow even one pet. In many fracs , you cannot not have more than one or two. This does present a problem if you have pets.
  2. Newjersey expat

    Few Items needed to help a Friend

    How and where can one donate ? I have a few things. The idea of the plastic cabinets is really a good one.
  3. Newjersey expat

    Cataract surgery

    I have had one eye done by a doctor not mentioned on this topic. There were big problems as air got into my retinal area and there were air cysts pressing on my retina. I was having trouble seeing but thought as some have said " oh it sometimes takes time" I went to Dra.Claudia who had me xrayed and found the lumpy retina. Off to the retinal specialist who injected something into my eye as well as an anti-inflammatory. I was told I was lucky to have come as if I didn't there would not be any progress with the effected eye. So healing and on to the right eye with Dra. C. All is coming along well.She cleaned the left lens which was dirty. I may have to wear a contact or reading glasses because of the left eye. While paying for the most expensive lens and still need contact or glasses is frustrating , I am so grateful I still have my sight and do not have to wear glasses all the time. BTW I still go for my glasses out of habit.
  4. Newjersey expat

    Pet Peaves

    Might I add drivers ( expats just as guilty as Mexicans of not using turn signals. Several times I would have let someone in if I knew what direction they wanted to go. Sometimes you can tell by the angle of the car , but many times not. So they try to creep up and you do not know if they want to do a U turn in front of you. If you let them in you block up all the traffic as the U turn person creeps out to see if there is any traffic going the other way. Even more serious was the person in front of us with no break lights in Guad. You know what traffic is like stop stop go go go stop. Saying I was a nervous wreck was an understatement. .
  5. Newjersey expat


    We have ss and other needed money in an American bank. Then we write a check to Multiva for about 3 months of money we predict we will need. We have a savings ( investment account) . I believe it goes into the bank part and we have them release it to Banamex. This has been our method for years. Suddenly our check took 3 months to clear. Multiva could not account for this. This, however, caught us a bit short with a bunch of medical and repair bills.
  6. Newjersey expat

    Cement person

    Please recommend on board or message a good cement person. I need some spots fixed but also a good size wall. Someone next door decided to build a huge wall and our side looks sloppy with globs of cement showing through bricks. Never mind what cement does to plants!!!
  7. Newjersey expat

    Hope House suffers severe hail damage

    Just sent money via Amazon Prime. Took all of 8 minutes!
  8. Newjersey expat

    MAJOR plug for Dra. Claudia (eyes)

    It isn't Wed thru Sat, It is Wednesday and Saturday. She is very busy so expect to wait a month or more for appointment unless it is an emergency.
  9. Newjersey expat


    She is not a retinologist but realized my problem involving a mishap with a cataract surgery performed by someone else. She sent me to a Doctor Silva in Guad. He treated the retina and it is much better now.
  10. Does experienced caregiver mean you have done this often and do you have credentials or certification.? Do you have references? Are you bilingual, transportation?
  11. Newjersey expat

    Lakeside Physician Recommendation needed

    Just a little confused there is a Carla? Ana ? and Jessica Flores????
  12. I do not recommend the ENT dr. at all

  13. I do not recommend the ENT doctor at all

  14. Newjersey expat


    Yes we did explain. I volunteered to go and get it and he jut laughed and stamped tourist.
  15. Newjersey expat

    La Mesa closing.

    Ojosaid La Mesa is closing. Been gone for several weeks. Anyone know why. I enjoyed going there.