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  1. Que Ganga bazar is having a special children's clothing sale which started today. There are about 1/2 the clothes left and the prices range 5,10,15 p . Que Ganga is west next to La Reserva and Anchor restaurant. It is open from 10-3pm everyday but Sunday. Lots of new "gently used " adult clothes as well. This is LCS sponsored and money goes for children programs there.
  2. If someone continues to behave in this way ( nose blowing) at this age, that is a shame. People are waking up to coughing into their sleeve and not into their hand and other infection prevention habits. If this continues, and I agree it would ruin my dinner, you just have to say something. It doesn't have to be nasty, " I am very susceptible to respiratory infections, would you mind not doing that at the table?" Now the person may be embarrassed or even angry, but not saying anything won't stop the habit and the person will wonder why you don't go out to dinner with them. Either way you won't be going out to dinner anymore, but perhaps it would be an eye opener. I would suggest you take that person aside and not say anything on front of other people. I think the main reason people get upset is how they are confronted about an issue. i.e.Instead of complaining at a dinner table that you found the food XXXXX. Take the waiter aside and explain calmly.
  3. Tracey just ask Google, there are many sites with exchange daily rates

  4. There are so many expats here, I cannot believe no one has the experience or even ideas to develop some thing like Operation feed. And asking the kids would be a great way to start.Kids have a lot of energy . How about a free soccer field, basketball, tennis, track, even baseball, bike club. etc. Get a moderator. Anyone abusing the area or throwing trash , isn't allowed to come anymore or had to clean up trash on some streets. What about kayaking or those with boats taking for a ride and explaining about boats. Maybe some one would like to learn to cook. I know that would be a big undertaking but look at the transformation of Tepehua. You can just amuse yourself with a cell phone for so long. This is certainly not an area where I have experience but maybe someone can start small.
  5. Have you thought of the agencies that can arrange someone to stay at your house ? They do not charge but these are people who like to travel and get free lodgings. We had a girl highly recommended to stay 3 weeks with 3 dogs and it worked out fine. That being said everything important whether legal or personal was taken to a friends house.
  6. I agree what all of you went through sounds like the middle ages. I have two conflicting thoughts. One is to let your doctor and them know show them without names these comments. Second is if they are really experts in this business, they should already know how to set up a diagnostic lab so I question the accuracy of what they do .
  7. We were with Bellon. He is a nice, honest fellow but as someone mentioned the premiums do go up with age. To keep the premiums down, you increase your deductible. The problem we had was that we never got near the deductible. So ended up paying. The other thing was that this policy doesn't have an annual deductible that would be cumulative. It is per condition. So if I developed pneumonia and did hit the deductible , if I would later come down with cancer of the lung, I have to start all over again because it is a different lung condition. So we deduct treatments , visits and medication on taxes and it worked out fine . However, I think the US tax changes are not going to work in our favor.
  8. A physician assistant is different from a nurse practioner. A PA goes through a PA program but does not have to be a nurse. A nurse practioner has advanced education on a master's level. Different states allow PA and NP's to do different things.
  9. Thanks for your replies--Guess just wait and see. Great news for those trying to sell their homes.
  10. Is there any truth that the Mexican army is coming to Lakeside.".Chapala has been considered a strategic point to fight crime in Jalisco" from Lake Chapala Reporter ..Lisa??? …
  11. Can someone recommend a good allergist in the Lakeside area. I know many people have allergies here, so I am hoping someone will be able to direct me.
  12. I use Chopo next to Dermika because they use gloves to draw blood. The one by Maskaras Clinic does not. I am not afraid of what I might get but they should be afraid of what they might contract. i.e. hepatitis.
  13. Well at least you are truthful, you know nothing about aging. As a licensed nursing home administrator, and advanced practice nurse in gerontology. Your "missive" makes no sense. There are people of every age who have super egos. " go fund me for po folks." Wake up and expand your experience and see how many of us old volunteers put in excessive hours to help those less fortunate. I guess if you found something nice to say or intelligent, you would lose your base.
  14. I am surprised no one mentioned Gas Los Altoss. Have been using them for many years and no problem. He comes around when he thinks we might be low.Since he knows our habits by now. When he sees we are not, he very pleasantly leaves. Never asked to top off . name is Javier
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