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  1. Avalanche thanks to everyone respond and sharing their own experiences. Today I was hit by the "surprise, surprise" lightning fast response..... from Daniel after reading this web log. Our alarm will eventually receive a new logic board in the next few days- as per Daniel. Aleluja. I'm regretful for not placing my story while ago. It could spare me the aggravation and save their reputation. I'll hold my fingers crossed so everything will work fine; I don't have to complain anymore and I can move away from negativity. The life would be much more comfortable for all of us. Let’s (Really) See W
  2. We are experiencing a problem with the SOSE Security/Alarm guys in Chapala especially dealing with a guy named Danny Garcia Marquez. The brand new security system was installed by them, but since the day one the system didn't function right. After a month after the installation the low battery beeping sound started. It beeped every 10-15 minutes, which disturbed us during the day and nights. We complained, and two weeks later the SOSE came; charged as additional $900 pesos the service fee. They took away the faulty part and the alarm did not work at all. After a month calling and nagging about
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