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  1. Feewee Hello! I offering our services we may be able to help you, send us some photos if you can and we will send you an estimate. .... JM / ARQ - Construction & General ContractingArq. Julio MirelesPhone: (045) 3 339 468 475
  2. Also if you want to see the best series premiere , use torrent and a special site for the series is www.eztv.ch ---- JM / ARQ - Construction & General ContractingArq. Julio MirelesPhone: (045) 3 339 468 475
  3. I use Hotspot Shield is the best VPN to see content from other countries and works with Netflix at perfecion , try it! I leave the link https://www.hotspotshield.com ---- JM / ARQ - Construction & General ContractingArq. Julio MirelesPhone: (045) 3 339 468 475
  4. We are in the process of sampling to see the results and offer this product to our customers. Expect it soon on the ribera..
  5. DryZone I started researching this product in the area, it seems a good solution against salitre, because the common methods against it in times are usually maintenance. Whatch the video sample: https://youtu.be/MEW5JDH3d_0
  6. Hi sue, I can offer you our maintenance services, we have gardeners at your disposal. if you are interested send me an email or a call us. ________________________ JM / ARQ - Construction & General Contracting Arq. Julio Mireles Phone: (045) 3 339 468 475
  7. Thanks for your comment, but do not do the personal matter, I just felt comfortable with this update. Regards!
  8. I love the new format!! Im using it in my Android mobile and is awsome.. good work!
  9. At your service for any carpentry work,our carpenters provide numerous professional interior and exterior carpentry services for properties of all sizes and ages. From minor home repairs to scalable commercial carpentry, JM / ARQ cheerfully meets your needs and provides a friendly and reliable service across Lake Chapala.
  10. If you like we can check your fireplace to see if we can repair it or recommend another person.
  11. Thank you for your comment , we are here to help you and to provide the service our customers deserve .
  12. Today beer garden out of Chapala to San Juan Cosala 7:30 pm come ride with us!!
  13. Hi John , I am a resident of San Antonio Tlayacapan , maybe I can help occasionally to move you between Chapala and Ajijic , welcome to the Lake Chapala and whish you have a good stay.
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