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  1. Most recent information I have heard is that ILOX itself was hacked, this from an ILOX rep.
  2. Maybe local artists could plan a mural for the skate park, involve the kids in the design and painting of it. In my experiences with these kinds of projects, kids tend to protect their place when they feel ownership. Just my 2 pesos.
  3. Love country music? El Barco tonight at 8 is where it's happening. Git your dancing boots and hats on and come on over!
  4. I get USTV now for $19.00 per month. No CNN though. Reliable for me. If she has a way to stream, this works nicely. You can hook it up to her TV or cast to it. http://watch.ustvnow.com/about
  5. Just stayed at Hotel Booye in Navojoa. Very nice, especially because you can park in front of your room. Place is three years old and very fresh. I drove in from Tucson, had no big road issues and stayed on Cuota all the way.
  6. THANK YOU! I will try to get to one this week! I sure appreciate this info!
  7. OOPS, apologies for posting this twice. Newbie here.
  8. Not sure I am posting in the right place, but here goes. Looking for folks who want to jam/perform country music, honky tonk, bluegrass, folk, jazz, or originals. I play fiddle, and would really like to do some playing. anybody out there? Looking for guitar players, lead vocals, banjo, mando or ?? If you don't play I would sure love to have some contacts for players. Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately, that is not the dress, just a sample of the weight. She wanted her dress because of sentimental memories. May have found a solution or two! feeling positive.
  10. That is what FedEx and UPS told us. When the Consulate checked they confirmed that used clothing could not be shipped through. Isn't that bizarre?
  11. I am new to the area, but I have found that Chapala and Ajijic have very different vibes. Ajijic is quaint and lively, and entertainment, galleries, restaurants are packed together everywhere on narrow busy streets. The central plaza is very pretty, and there is a lakefront area where you can relax and find little places to eat. It feels more artsy, and is a lot of fun. Chapala feels more "businesslike" in my opinion as an extended visitor and has a wider main boulevard with lots of places to dine and some shops, though the side streets are also narrow with lots of businesses. The Malecon at the lakefront in Chapala is a great place to people watch, and there are market stalls all along the lakefront park there. You might consider staying three days in one, and three days in the other. My first three trips here I stayed at an AirBNB at the Raquet Club, about ten minutes from Ajijic. The views were lovely, and it was laid back, but you need to drive everywhere. There is a main road that runs all the way between the two towns, and you will fins so much to see and do along that road.There is something to like no matter where you are. I hope you have a wonderful visit. I will be moving here permanently in the fall.
  12. This is NOT the dress, but may give you and idea...hers is even lighter weight than this one.
  13. Mainecoons, I'm the bluegrass fiddler who wrote you a long time ago..... wow.
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