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  1. Where do I show immigration my temp card as I leave Mexico going to Nogales, is there a station where I have to go into to inform them that am leaving the country, thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Harry B. thats all I was looking for a decent answer, it,s an accident waiting to happen, I can assure you,
  3. El Saltas, just passed walmart corner where the lights are out again, and guess what 4 mexican drivers all involved in fender benders, at the lights that are only a suggestion, what a stupid statement. When I wrote my blog, I thought I would get answers to how we get them fixed. (The rest edited by moderator)
  4. What a statement El Saltos, only the gringos have a problem, if there was no need for the lights there they would not have a light there, it,s the most dangerous corner in the city, and you think some give way, obviously you haven,t seen that corner on Sunday afternoon,it,s like Nascar with no rules,
  5. How long are we all going to wait until lights are fixed at the Walmart corner, 2 weeks they have flashed, the most dangerous corner in the whole area are we going to wait until someone dies before we get them fixed, totally B.S. I wonder if maybe Harry B could take this up with the powers that be. sit at the Black Coffee on Sunday at 4.00P.M. and watch the mayhem from all the Guads turning left, giving no one a chance to go west on the carretera.
  6. Thanks Sonia, that,s who insured me at the last chance saloon. Bellon ins. had said getting the Mex. lic. was not applicable to me as it,s only for Mexican drivers, so that was my last hope. Chillin I was only needing 5days ins. as my car has to stay in Canada, and I leave on Sunday week, so the time frame was important to me, and I doubt I.C.B.C. would courier done a temp. ins paper in that time, but I will ask my agent up there if that could have been done, for other people who are going to run into this problem, remember this just rule is just new, and it,s not the
  7. In British Columbia, we have gov. ins. we have to be there in person to obtain ins. this Mex. lic. thing came from Tio Corp. but checking O and I next to Black Coffee, S and S, Parker, and Bellon, only Bellon have said I can get ins. at the border, but when I came down 4 years ago I used Sanborns in Nogales, but I phoned them about this trip 6 months ago and they also said that they could not issue ins. for a Can. car
  8. I am asking American companies, I was leaving on the 22nd, but now they say I need this Mexican lic. to get any insurance, don,t quite get why I should need a Mexican lic. to leave the country
  9. Just found out the hard way, that anyone trying to get their car out of Mexico because they want to go perm. and their car is Can. plated must have a Mex. drivers license to get ins. to get us through the states, anyone been told anything diff. this from 4 diff. ins. companies, today, your input would be of help. thanks
  10. it,s ok we,ve got gates that come down at 11.30p.m in ramon corona in s.a to protect us
  11. I have a friend who has been told that she can come here next year, go to the INM in Chapala and apply for a 1 year temporal, she is under the impression that it is free can someone tell me the exact price of a 1 year application, thanks in advance
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