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  1. So, have you had success finding these incognito young people?
  2. I don't think discrimination is the right word. Its more a matter that a person is much more likely to have a higher number of commonalities with others who are close to their age. I'm all about variety, in fact I would not want to live in a monolithic place. Estoy trabajando en ello.
  3. I've seen this question asked on several forums, but it seems to never actually get answered. Perhaps the subject makes people uncomfortable? I know that Lakeside is full of people aged 60+, especially seasonally. But there are some people around who fall into younger age bands .... how many? I realize there are no government statistics or similar around (not that I have been able to find, and believe me I have looked). But does anyone have a sense of how many gringos/gringas might be around that fall into the age ranges of 45-49, 50-54, 55-59. In case you are wondering, no I am not a marketing person, I am not writing a paper, I am not thinking of starting a business, or anything like that. I'm trying to project what living down there might feel like as a gringo if you are under 60 years of age, perhaps well under 60 years of age. Are you going to have peers? Note: Not to be rude, but posts of "I have absolutely no idea" really are not helpful. I see these kinds of posts on web boards all the time, not sure what is going through the mind of people to hit send on them.
  4. The article is old, pricing is much different now, true. But the essence of the article, that the benefits are marginal, and that checking your tire pressure regularly (or having TPMs that give you ongoing great data) is prolly the thing worth planting in your mind.
  5. http://www.edmunds.com/car-care/should-you-fill-your-cars-tires-with-nitrogen.html
  6. Wise words. Mexican culture in general is about being amicable. Be observant, see the subtle respect that is expected, pay attention to the nuances. Someone offered me this little nugget of wisdom about renting in a less developed country: If a landlord is gonna jerk you around (I cleaned that up) they won't use the lease agreement to do it.
  7. Compared to neighbors, others living in similar places, are you paying, more, the same, or less? If its the same or less, say nothing, continue forward, steady as she goes. If its more, then have a discussion.
  8. Going to court in Mexico is not an adventure I wish to have.
  9. I've visited numerous websites that mention rentals being available month-to-month, or for, "the season." Everyone's breaking the law?
  10. I was just gonna say what Lakeside7 said. Seems like the property has been on the market awhile already. I will say here in America, countering at full list in markets where there are few buyers is essentially telling the buyer to shove off. If the potential owner is already planning a pool, this would seem to indicate a strong interest in the property, they might be willing to go higher, but I think you'd have budge at least a little with a counter to entice them. But if you aren't cash challenged, then maybe waiting is the path.
  11. What is this "bank trust" you speak of? Is that the real estate ownership vehicle?
  12. Except some people want to lock in their costs based on their savings/cash flow being in USD. Which can be a good thing to do to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Illustration. In your next lease, you agree to pay 6000 pesos per month. Right now, that's about USD330 per month. Six months from now, the exchange rate falls back to 15:1. Now to pay your rent, you'll pony up USD400 to buy the needed pesos. Guess in this case it would be "wrong/unfair" that your rent has risen by USD70? You want a contract that gives you the best of both worlds?
  13. That could be the way it turns out. I've seen the way people drive in MX, I've seen the condition of many roads, so I get where your cautions are coming from. At risk of sounding like a goofy rose-colored glasses type, let me say Mexico for me needs to have an adventure element. Community by the lake, the regular social interactions, all sounds good, but I am going to want to hit the road every now and then. I have ridden city buses in both the cities you mentioned. Maniacs, yes in many cases that is true, but so are the taxi drivers. If you are going to visit places, its part of it.
  14. Found this one to be informative: http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2014/12/new-rules-for-temporary-importation-of-vehicles-to-mexico/
  15. Umm, I am not aware of a single state in which they are not cojoined. I've read in several places that when you go to the border to renew, only YOU have to go to the border. Complicated topic, as this thread demonstrates: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=57238
  16. If the Lakesiders will never again drive the car in America ... or at the very least it might be years until they do ... why keep the plates current, except if you need to for Mexican insurance purposes? Seems like per previous posts in this thread, it may not matter. Has anyone ever heard of someone in Mexico being busted for expired USA plates?
  17. Thanks RickS. So if RVers with no home state use South Dakota for their plates ... do you know if they also use South Dakota for their Driver's License? Wondering, though, if this would work for banking, ie. banks want your Driver's License info, if you give them a SD license with presumably a mail service street address, will it cause a problem?
  18. pappys - I've read in several places that in South Dakota itself, the government is not happy with their state being used in this way, despite the free revenue it provides. I'm not sure exactly what the current landscape is, despite a good hour on google. But the fact is at a minimum its already under scrutiny. It's one thing for me to leave my current location, drive to MX, let the US plates lapse, and buy Mexican insurance. Judgement call, agreed, but I don't see this as problematic. But for me to work the system and get SD plates, when neither my car or me has ever been there, well, that is fraud, at least by the letter of the law. Just in case it matter, this is a Japanese car (as in Made in Japan) which I understand would never be eligible to be imported to MX.
  19. I am someone who is contemplating living in your area. Part of my concern about the community - and this is a concern about any expat heavy location, not just AJ/CH ... is how cliquey is it? I don't want to plunk myself in a community in which people revert to behaving as if they were back in high school. People being shunned and excluded for being a little too loud in a restaurant for the tastes of some folks - sounds potentially like a bad sign. I actually kinda like that there might be a place or three to go and be a little loud now and then. ps. I do know what genuinely loud and inconsiderate to the point of being obnoxious is. At least I think I do.
  20. I've read on the net, that for a foreign plated car, if your plates do not remain valid/in-force, the insurance is not valid. That people have, in the case of an accident, ended up being denied coverage. But in other places on the net, I've read it does not matter at all whether or not your plates remain valid/in-force. I don't understand why it would matter ... but common sense often doesn't rule the day. Anyone know the true bottom line on this issue?
  21. I've visited Numbeo previously. I agree entirely its usefulness is questionable. Importantly for Mexico, it does not distinguish between renting furnished versus unfurnished. It gets granular about what a tomato costs, what a bottle of water costs, but stays too high level on renting.
  22. Google Mexican auto insurance fur USA car. ----------- The unfortunate reality of the net is, a site can seem very legit and be a scam. Definitely would appreciate some word-of-mouth suggestions re: companies.
  23. "don't come to Mexico seeking peace and quiet!" .... "The further away you get from the village center, the less noise." .... While it sounds all nice to rent a place next to the plaza, or very near the shops, I think a little bit away from the village center might be more in line with my personality. I'll have a car. There's buses, cheap taxis, I'm fit and can walk a couple miles in under 20 minutes no problem. I don't need complete silence, I don't envision being in bed at 10pm surrounded by complete silence. I don't have that where I live now. But I also detest the idea of noise at 1am nightly. Thank you RickS, Xena, Datura, for the posts that contained numbers. Also Mainecoons, your note about the exchange rate is wise. Other costs I will have are: a) auto insurance for my USA-plated car, and, b ) catastrophic medical insurance. Anyone have info on these costs?
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