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  1. So, have you had success finding these incognito young people?
  2. I don't think discrimination is the right word. Its more a matter that a person is much more likely to have a higher number of commonalities with others who are close to their age. I'm all about variety, in fact I would not want to live in a monolithic place. Estoy trabajando en ello.
  3. I've seen this question asked on several forums, but it seems to never actually get answered. Perhaps the subject makes people uncomfortable? I know that Lakeside is full of people aged 60+, especially seasonally. But there are some people around who fall into younger age bands .... how many? I realize there are no government statistics or similar around (not that I have been able to find, and believe me I have looked). But does anyone have a sense of how many gringos/gringas might be around that fall into the age ranges of 45-49, 50-54, 55-59. In case you are wondering, no I am not a marke
  4. The article is old, pricing is much different now, true. But the essence of the article, that the benefits are marginal, and that checking your tire pressure regularly (or having TPMs that give you ongoing great data) is prolly the thing worth planting in your mind.
  5. http://www.edmunds.com/car-care/should-you-fill-your-cars-tires-with-nitrogen.html
  6. Wise words. Mexican culture in general is about being amicable. Be observant, see the subtle respect that is expected, pay attention to the nuances. Someone offered me this little nugget of wisdom about renting in a less developed country: If a landlord is gonna jerk you around (I cleaned that up) they won't use the lease agreement to do it.
  7. Compared to neighbors, others living in similar places, are you paying, more, the same, or less? If its the same or less, say nothing, continue forward, steady as she goes. If its more, then have a discussion.
  8. Going to court in Mexico is not an adventure I wish to have.
  9. I've visited numerous websites that mention rentals being available month-to-month, or for, "the season." Everyone's breaking the law?
  10. I was just gonna say what Lakeside7 said. Seems like the property has been on the market awhile already. I will say here in America, countering at full list in markets where there are few buyers is essentially telling the buyer to shove off. If the potential owner is already planning a pool, this would seem to indicate a strong interest in the property, they might be willing to go higher, but I think you'd have budge at least a little with a counter to entice them. But if you aren't cash challenged, then maybe waiting is the path.
  11. What is this "bank trust" you speak of? Is that the real estate ownership vehicle?
  12. Except some people want to lock in their costs based on their savings/cash flow being in USD. Which can be a good thing to do to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Illustration. In your next lease, you agree to pay 6000 pesos per month. Right now, that's about USD330 per month. Six months from now, the exchange rate falls back to 15:1. Now to pay your rent, you'll pony up USD400 to buy the needed pesos. Guess in this case it would be "wrong/unfair" that your rent has risen by USD70? You want a contract that gives you the best of both worlds?
  13. That could be the way it turns out. I've seen the way people drive in MX, I've seen the condition of many roads, so I get where your cautions are coming from. At risk of sounding like a goofy rose-colored glasses type, let me say Mexico for me needs to have an adventure element. Community by the lake, the regular social interactions, all sounds good, but I am going to want to hit the road every now and then. I have ridden city buses in both the cities you mentioned. Maniacs, yes in many cases that is true, but so are the taxi drivers. If you are going to visit places, its part of it.
  14. Found this one to be informative: http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2014/12/new-rules-for-temporary-importation-of-vehicles-to-mexico/
  15. Umm, I am not aware of a single state in which they are not cojoined. I've read in several places that when you go to the border to renew, only YOU have to go to the border. Complicated topic, as this thread demonstrates: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=57238
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