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  1. dra camacho is located at medical center between immigration and farmacia guadalajara in chapala.
  2. Dra. Claudia Camacho repaired my sunglasses. They were broken and within 4 days she returned them to me fixed and very cheap. www.camacho-choza.com Tel: 376-7656399
  3. The best place to repair apple products is Hall Computers right at the Minerva. They do a perfect job and if you have warranty it covers it anyway with the serial number. The apple stores just send the products to apple and that´s it. Hall does the diagnosis right there.
  4. totally agree. had cataracts removed by her. everything perfect...
  5. yes, Dr. Claudia has frames in her office. Prices are ok.
  6. Ophthalmologist: Dr. Claudia Camacho: www.camacho-choza.com Only VERY good experience.... not sure if she does retina. tel: 765 7777
  7. I always use Airpark. You take the turnaround after the airport and its the last one before you get to the airport. It is always the cheapest (90 pesos a day) and it works perfect. They also wash your car. And on the way back you just call them and they pick you up and you are right away in direction to chapala to go home.
  8. He tore out a wood floor, did some plasterboard-work and repaired my toilette (only changing the tube).
  9. I had Andre paint my house. He did a great job and I really can recommend him,...... He also helped me with different work around my house
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