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  1. Super Lake has it in the locked cabinet behind the fresh bread. It's expensive.
  2. This is in the rules: 2. If you have a negative experience with a local business or professional, do not post the name of same directly but advise readers to PM you for that information. Why is this allowed to go on? We're only hearing one side of this story.
  3. We don't live in Chapala and moved from Ajijic 3 years ago because of what I see on this thread plus the noise, lack of parking and the general vibe so in my case, it's not defensiveness. The "better than thou" attitude is just stupid in senior citizens. One would think by this age some would know better but I guess not.
  4. That's the snobbiest thing I've heard in a lonnnnng time.
  5. I've used both & still much prefer Dr. Peralta but you can't go wrong with either.
  6. Dr. Peralta at Quality Care by Tio Sam's and is there on Mondays: 766-1870
  7. THIS is what I was responding to. I don't think I'm the reactive one. This was BEFORE you ordered us not to reply.
  8. Which is what is said further up this page.
  9. http://www.smahealthinfo.com/seguro-popular.html Who is eligible? It is an open system, allowing non-nationals who hold temporary and permanent resident visas. Those holding Turista visas (up to 180 days permitted in Mexico) or who are in the country illegally are not eligible.
  10. Carlos Slim wants you to pay for his infrastructure?
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