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  1. Try here: https://carloimportaciones.com/
  2. Thanks all, I have been trying since Tuesday using Chrome but read her and try Edge, I did and it worked 1st time. I do not understand why they would not make the website compatible with Chrome, But this is Mexico. Thanks again and good luck to all.
  3. (Edited by Mod 2, let's don't get into U.S. politics)
  4. did not the Covid 19 originate from a bat?
  5. I used them as well last year, I suggest not using him unless you want ripped leather, scratched wood and a need to have you mattress steamed cleaned. He has no type of insurance and will tell you a lie every time his mouth opens
  6. Add my vote for.... Azucena Bateman
  7. Direct deposit last week to NOB bank
  8. What the economy did for us the Mexican government takes away. I guess AMLO needs a fatter paycheck? https://www.proceso.com.mx/627208/la-burla-de-las-gasolinas
  9. OH boy, Alcoholics driving midget cars wearing funny little beanies
  10. JGiff, It is said Guad not Quad. But to each his own
  11. Be prepared to pay " Gringo Tax " if purchased Lakeside. Everything here cost so much more. Because everyone sees the gringos as walking money bags.
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